Prestige Car Leasing Guide

Q: What is Prestige Car Leasing?

A: Prestige Car Leasing is a phrase invented by us, Morgan Highfield & Land to describe how both business & personal users could lease a premium brand car from a superior range of prestigious manufacturers without all the downsides involved with car ownership.

Q: Do you offer Prestige Car Leasing for Business Users?

A: Yes, we offer a Business Contract Hire solution for sole traders, partnerships & companies wanting to lease a new prestige car.

Q: I’d like to lease a new car personally, can you help?

A: Yes, our Personal Contract Hire pricing is available across the range premium brands we offer, it’s a perfect solution for private individuals who prefer to lease a prestige car rather than ever owning one.

Q: I don’t want to lease a prestige car, can you help?

A: No, we can’t help. After all, we could hardly be recognised as ‘the’ Experts for Prestige Car Leasing if we leased anything & everything, that’s just not how we roll.

Q: The pricing offered seems very low, what's the catch?

A: No catch. Morgan Highfield & Land offer the most competitive leasing prices, things have always been this way with us. You can also trust what we say, because we’ve been leasing prestige cars since way back & have thousands of clients all over the UK.

Q: How many prestige cars can a Business lease?

A: In simple terms, a business can lease as many prestige cars as it can afford to pay for. Obviously, it’s not quite that straight forward, a lender will need to make sure a business can fully demonstrate the ability pay but we’ll talk you through the process without obligation, so please get in touch.

Q: For Personal Leasing, can I lease more than one prestige car?

A: Yes, it’s certainly possible for a personal user to lease more than one prestige car. We have clients leasing an SUV for their daily commute & a more powerful sports car for the weekend plus many customers leasing a 2nd prestige car for their wife or husband to enjoy.

If you decide to take on a Prestige Car Leasing arrangement for multiple vehicles usage must be by you, spouse, partner or another named driver with your permission. As the hirer, fully comprehensive insurance cover needs to be arranged in your name with other drivers named on the policy, where relevant.

Q: Are the premium brand cars for lease always new?

A: Yes, the advertised pricing on our website is for the lease of a new, prestige car (unless specifically detailed within your written quotation or otherwise). The vehicles supplied are sourced from a pre-selected range of UK-based Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Jaguar, BMW, Audi retailers.

Q: What sort of warranty period is available with a Prestige Car Lease?

A: This really will depend on which make & model of Prestige Car Lease you choose but at the very earliest, 14-working days for a vehicle described as “in stock”. The information on our website will often include a basic estimation of delivery & of course vehicles to a bespoke or specialist specification may take much longer.

A written quotation from us will always comment on a more detailed & ‘up-to the minute’ estimation of delivery. Our administration team also provide timely delivery updates to assist with forward planning once an order has been confirmed.

Q: Can't see the exact Prestige Car Lease you need, what next?

A: Please call the office or if easier for you use the Contact Us page (via telephone symbol) to submit an email enquiry. If you have the details, feel free to send those over but be sure to mention which Prestige Car Lease is required & along with any specific requirements - we’ll get back to you just as soon as we can.

Q: Do Morgan Highfield & Land charge processing fees or have setup costs?

A: No, certainly not & we never have for Prestige Car Leasing.

Q: What’s the shortest number of months for a Prestige Car Lease?

A: Our shortest lease currently available is for 24 months, the longest at 60 months & we also offer a range of flexible terms in between these timescales. Generally, a period of 36 or 48 months is popular with Business & Personal clients choosing to lease a Prestige car that is great value for money.

It’s worth saying, typically longer lease periods equate to a lower monthly rental but there are exceptions to this format so don’t worry, we’ll help you find the best deal.

Q: I’m working to a budget, what can you do?

A: Using know-how & expertise we make Prestige Car Leasing deals happen! We have the skill to look at a wide range of initial payments, annual mileages & contract terms to help the numbers fit a budget. Sometimes considering an agreement at 3.5 or even 4.5 years can make all the difference, it’s what we do best.

Q: What’s the lowest annual mileage available?

A: The lowest annual mileage for Prestige Car Leasing is typically between 8,000 & 10,000 miles per year. For clients who wish to lease but travel even fewer miles, perhaps those living in Central London or similar it might be possible to reduce the annual mileage even further to 5,000 miles per year, with scope to offer an additional monthly saving from the leasing costs.

Q: We travel 40,000 miles per year, can I still lease a prestige car?

A: Yes, you can & annual mileages can be fine-tuned to suit just about everyone.

Q: How much can I pay upfront?

A: If you go with Prestige Car Leasing Solution all Business & Personal users have a flexible choice of 3, 6, 9 or even 12 rentals in advance as the upfront payment. Making a higher upfront payment provides a reduced monthly rental but increasing the initial payment will not reduce the total balance payable over the lease period.

Q: What happens at the end of the Lease?

A: When your Prestige Car Leasing deal comes to end we’ll help you arrange collection & safe return of the vehicle to a lender. The terms of the leasing agreement confirmed that the vehicle must be returned in a condition that’s fair, in relation to reasonable wear & tear.

If needs be, it’s advisable everything is brought up to standard but things like service & maintenance records or ‘smart’ repairs to a damaged trim or cracked windscreens are best put right before the end of the lease, so to avoid unnecessary charges from the lender.

Q: Do you have more information about fair wear & tear?

Yes, we do, it’s the car leasing industry benchmark known as the BVRLA fair wear & tear guide, a copy is always available upon request. We recommend a read, it’s quick & easy to understand saving you time & money in the long run if you haven’t looked after the vehicle.

Q: Does the lease price include “motor insurance”?

No, the lease price does not include motor insurance, nor will we offer you opinion or advice on such products. Please note, you will be required & at your own cost to insure the vehicle fully comprehensively throughout the whole lease.

Q: Does the lease price include “maintenance”?

A: No, pricing does not include a maintenance package as standard (unless specifically stated as an additional inclusion or where our written quotation states as ‘included’, compulsory or otherwise). Upon your request (& where possible) we will offer you a maintenance package provided by a lender. For more information about a maintenance package please request a quotation to include “maintenance”.

Q: How will my new car be delivered?

A: In all instances (unless stated otherwise within your written quotation or order) a new vehicle will be delivered free of charge, to a pre-agreed (mainland UK only) destination dictated by Morgan Highfield & Land.

Deliveries take place within weekday, working hours & are driven to their destination. A trailered delivery service is available by request, at an additional cost payable by you.

Q: Do you take vehicles in part-exchange?

A: No, we do not take vehicles in part-exchange.

Q: I'm interested in Prestige Car Leasing, but I don't know anything about it?

A: Our homepage has some helpful information about both Business Contract Hire & Personal Contract Hire. You’ll also find a Prestige Car Leasing search facility to view our pricing by body style or even by price, we also give helpful insights & reviews about each model online.

Ultimately lots of clients still prefer to chat things over so please call the office or maybe start a conversation with us by email, whatever suits you best.

Q: I'm opting out of my company car scheme, what's the best way forward?

When you know the allowance amount you might personally expect to receive that's the time to contact us, in the meantime why not keep visiting our website.

Q: Just starting in Business; can you help me?

A: Please call our office if you’re thinking about starting your own business (or have just started trading) & looking for more information about Car Leasing - it’s a complex area that an answer can’t easily be given in this section.

Q: Can you offer a Business, Finance Lease?

A: Yes, if the Business understands the risks we can extend our services to include a Business Finance Lease, please contact us directly to discuss this complex area further.

Q: Morgan Highfield & Land are not a Lender, so who provides the credit needed for the lease?

A: Morgan Highfield & Land and Prestige Car Leasing are trading names of Yorkshire Vehicle Finance Limited who are a credit broker, not a Lender.

A Lender is financial institution, regulated by the financial conduct authority, subject to acceptance & their terms, they will provide the credit required to offer you or business a Contract Hire agreement.

Q: Can Morgan Highfield & Land provide a quotation for every private individual?

A: We are here to help but unfortunately can’t assist with the following personal quotation requests & in the circumstances of;

When a Personal applicant is not in possession of a full UK driving license (or equivalent non-UK license).

Where a Personal applicant has a known adverse credit history &/or is currently (or has been) involved in any form of insolvency proceedings which include both CVA & IVA.

Enquiries from an individual connected with (or we suspect the likelihood of) another hire company, passenger (or commercial) car leasing & contract hire credit intermediary (or similar activities).

Q: Are there types of Businesses that can’t take out a car lease?

A: Although it’s usually possible to help most customers, not all Businesses meet the criteria needed to be considered for Car Leasing of a Prestige Car & we are unable to assist with the following requests from a Business;

Where (or we suspect the likelihood of) a vehicle will be used for accident management services, body-shop use, daily rental, sub-hire or let, chauffer/taxi services & courier services.

With an over sea’s business that does not have a mainland UK registered office or an international embassy (or connected with) or to any business linked to an unstable country.

Enquiries from another hire company, car leasing & contract hire credit intermediary or any other business we suspect maybe involved in such activities.

Where the Business has a known adverse credit history &/or is currently (or has been) involved in any form of insolvency proceedings.

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