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About Audi e-tron Leasing

This Audi is something radical, their first fully electric car and we think leasing the e-tron is the smartest move you will make.

Resale values are uncertain, and nobody knows how quickly both car and battery technology will accelerate – this makes buying one extremely risky.

Audi e-tron Leasing protects you against uncertainty and removes the financial risk of car ownership. Choose to lease the Audi e-tron, and you get the benefit of a fixed monthly rental, inclusive road tax and the option to add a maintenance package. Critically when its contract ends, hand back the Audi e-tron to a lender.

When it comes to exterior design, electric cars have often been styled to look different deliberately. With e-tron, Audi has taken a different direction.

Although its exterior design shares similarities with other Audi cars, there are several tell-tale signs, this is a unique, all-electric Audi. One clear indicator, rather than regular wing mirrors, the e-tron features side cameras and a live feed relayed on to several screens inside its futuristic cabin.

Where you’d typically find a car’s fossil-fueled engine, things are very different indeed. Each e-tron model features a powerful electric motor, one on each axle. The combined power of these motors produces a power output of over 400bhp, linked to a sizeable 95kwh battery pack.

Careful drivers can expect up to 248 miles between each charge, and its range is an important consideration when you lease the Audi e-tron.

Making an informed decision is vital because you need to be able to charge this car at a suitable location; this could be your home or office. Standard electric charging times vary quite significantly, around 8.5 hours from a home wall box down to 45 minutes for 85% charge from a rapid charging station.

Step inside, there you’ll find space for five adults, but unlike most battery electric vehicles, it’s boot space hasn’t been sacrificed – a decent 605-litre load area.

The Audi e-tron isn’t short on high-tech features. Its intelligent adaptive air suspension, advanced LED headlights, 360-degree cameras and charging points on both sides are all fitted standard equipment.

So if you’ve never leased an electric car, perhaps you should because the e-tron feels instantly familiar. Acceleration is swift and incredibly smooth, complemented by a fantastic driving position and refined drive.

In a nutshell, Audi e-tron leasing is generous on luxury and efficiency without the burden of acquisition.

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