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About BMW i3 Leasing

It’s a logical thought, what might a new BMW I3 be worth in two, three or perhaps even four years, and will anyone also want to buy a zero-emission battery-electric car? These are the of concerns that will be a thing of the past if you decide to lease a BMW i3.

Depreciation is not your problem, so it doesn’t matter how little the BMWi3 is worth at the end of the deal. Leasing a BMW i3 with Contract Hire means – you can hand back the keys, and assuming all is as it should be you’ll never be worse off than the fixed priced monthly cost of the lease.

With thousands of quick charging DC stations, it doesn’t take that long to recharge those batteries so if you are dead set on the very latest BMW i3 Lease. Enjoy cutting edge high-voltage battery technology and an extended range to power you all the way home, or perhaps a longer journey for a business.

The BMW i3 has a lightweight construction, mostly made from carbon fibre that guarantees sporty handling and also makes those original ‘coach style’ doors possible. Passenger access to the folding rear seats in a BMWi3 is simply a breeze. Clients looking for an even faster, more dynamic BMW i3 for Lease will be pleased to hear the ‘S’ has improved aerodynamics, sports suspension and increased performance – from the fabulous BMW eDrive powertrain.

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