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BMW i8 Coupe Leasing

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About BMW i8 Coupe Leasing

With all the traits of a full-on sports car, if you fancy going with a BMW i8 Coupe Lease you’ve got yourself a PHEV that goes like a bullet & looks out of this world. i8 Coupe has some really striking features starting with a low-slung stance, plenty of over radar aero-tweaks & swish custom U-design LED headlights leading straight onto the iconic BMW ‘kidney’ grille.

Interaction between electric power & the 3-cylinder motor is also quite remarkable, but don’t worry if running out of charge, simply just fall back on the petrol engine to reach the destination. Re-energising the voltage at your nearest charging point can be conveniently located from the onboard BMW connected drive App, available to everyone leasing an i8 Coupe.

For Business users, leasing an i8 Coupe should make total sense although at first glance this might not be immediately obvious. Yes, an i8 Coupe Lease is not a ‘low cost’ Contract Hire solution, after all the list price is made up from 6 figures, but with CO2 emissions to compete with the greenest of vehicles.

A Business can more than makeup for higher monthly outgoing using both tax efficiency & a substantially reduced benefit-in-kind tax bill for the driver. When you elect to take out an i8 Coupe Lease, a company car looks like a great decision, thanks to BMW’s hybrid technology & genuine ‘go-green’ credentials.

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