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BMW i8 Roadster Leasing

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About BMW i8 Roadster Leasing

Few cars on the road look as epic. Somehow the fabric roof further extends the greatness of this futuristic BMW, so choosing an i8 Roadster Lease is about as cool as it gets. The latest Lithium-ion battery produces bags of additional PHEV horsepower & the extra grunt is delivered to all four wheels for the best traction.

Special ‘Dihedral’ doors are visually quite something, but also functional as they open up & outwards making the sporty cabin easily accessible. Enhance your i8 Roadster Lease even further with a choice of wheels to upgrade, we think the Radial-Spokes are simply exquisite!

Leasing the i8 Roadster with Contract Hire allows you or business to increase the upfront payment, thus reducing monthly outgoings. As BMW leasing experts we’ll help you work out a perfect solution.

There’s no doubt, if you go with a BMW Contract Hire you’ll never own the i8 Roadster but when the risks of depreciation are so high why would you want to? This way you’ll never have to ‘pick up the tab’ when BMW residual values take a turn for the worse, one of the reasons so many clients choose to lease their i8 Roadster.

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