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Jaguar F-Type Convertible Lease, it's a sporty open-top car leasing deal with 2-seats & an electric folding fabric roof for sunny days. There’s no doubt that each F-Type Convertible has a soulful engine soundtrack matched to stunning exterior design. High performance comes from a range of 4-Cylinder, V6 & V8 petrol engines. Don’t be fooled; F-Type Convertible Leasing with the Ingenium 4-Cylinder engine still packs a punch. 300 horse-power & popping sounds from a sports exhaust on every up-shift mean you won’t have to break the bank for this F-Type Convertible Lease. Whichever way you go, Jaguar F-Type Convertible leasing comes with a choice of advanced braking systems. Choose from a standard configuration or upgrade your deal to offer outstanding stopping power from mighty 380 mm front discs.

The most potent Jaguar F-Type Convertible Lease, then it’s the SVR. Magnificent forged alloy wheels, top speeds over 190 mph & when sheer exhilaration takes priority; SVR could be the one for you. To fully appreciate the flexibility of leasing the F-Type Convertible: we make initial rentals less than you might have imagined & monthly rentals more affordable. Make a decision to Contract Hire because you don't want the hassles of purchasing & you're tired of car depreciation. We’re here to help & let’s get a Jaguar F-Type Convertible Lease on your wish list.

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Jaguar F-Type Convertible Leasing & Contract Hire Offers

Jaguar F-Type Convertible Leasing Guide

Q: Why is a Jaguar F-Type Convertible more expensive to lease than a Coupe?

A: Yes, leasing a Jaguar F-Type Convertible is likely to be more expensive on the monthlies. When compared with its sibling the list price of a Jaguar F-Type Convertible Lease is on average £5,000 more & this does contribute towards an increased monthly rental.

Q: Because F-Type Convertible have a higher list price does this mean they aren’t good value on lease?

A: It’s true, an F-Type Convertible Lease has a higher list price than some of its rivals but this doesn’t mean you won’t get a good deal.

Because of the way we work out our F-Type Convertible leasing & Contract Hire offers you might be surprised to see just how affordable your dream open-top Jaguar sports car could be.

Q: Do all Jaguar F-Type Convertibles on lease have a fabric soft-top roof?

A: Yes, all Jaguar F-Type Convertible Leasing deals include a lightweight, electric folding, fabric soft-top roof.

When the time comes to finalise your F-Type Convertible Lease specification, roof colour is probably going to be the last job on your list. Make a final decision from four different roof colours including black, beige, red & grey all available at no extra cost with your deal.

Q: Is there anything else about the fabric roof that might help me decide F-Type Convertible leasing is right for me?

A: If you have not leased an F-Type Convertible before it could seem a bold move. You might also have some reservations about road noise or what happens when it starts raining but having an F-Type lease with a soft-top has some great advantages.

With F-Type Convertible Leasing the roof can be opened or closed in just 12 seconds, you don’t need to be stationary. Even on the move, keep your speed below 30 mph & raising or lowering the hood can still be achieved at the touch of a button.

Each part of the fabric hood has been acoustically enhanced to reduce road noise & improve comfort levels. There’s even a flush fitting rear window that offers decent visibility, heated too for when you need it most.

If you want to enjoy the best of our limited UK weather but without the usual shortcomings of an open-top sports car then leasing the F-Type Convertible could be a perfect solution.

Q: How much interior choice is there for an F-Type Convertible Lease?

A: Proceed with F-Type Convertible Lease & you’ll be hiring a true, 2-seater Jaguar sports car. With a 1+1 seat configuration F-Type Convertible Leasing is all about a sporty interior with driver focused controls that connect you with the road.

If you have made up your mind, it’s going to be an F-Type Convertible lease this time then why not go to town on the final interior finish. If a standard grained leather & suede-cloth finish doesn’t quite do it for you then Windsor leather is a stylish way to personalise matters with a choice of black or grey hide.

When you are not working with a budget & just want the best interior an F-Type Convertible Lease can offer there’s always Pimento Red, Tan or Brogue colourways if you also order Jaguar’s weight saving, high-performance seats.

Finally don’t forget to ‘spec-up’ your deal with a Climate Pack if two-zone temperature control (so you & passenger can appreciate different levels of hot & cold air), heated front windscreen & heated steering wheel are important features to you.

Q: Which is the most fuel efficient F-Type Convertible Lease?

A: Whilst fuel efficiency might not be top of your priorities go for this F-Type Convertible Lease with 300 PS 4-cylinder petrol engine if you want the most economical engine.

With a respectable & combined fuel economy of over 35 mpg F-Type Convertible leasing doesn’t need to cost you a fortune at your local petrol station.

Q: Do all F-Type Convertible leasing deals include the 10” touchscreen & Navigation-Pro system?

A: Yes, all our F-Type Convertible Leasing deals have both 10” touchscreen & Navigation Pro system as standard. You’ll also be pleased to hear Jaguar’s Smartphone pack is also now part of the deal making best use of Apple or Android vehicle optimised apps.

Q: If we lease, can we still use Jaguar’s Remote Premium & Online Connected Services for our F-Type Convertible?

A: Yes, you can but please remember some of these services may incur an additional cost by way of a separate subscription to Jaguar.

Going for the F-Type Convertible Lease allows you to enjoy all of the great standard & optional features that come with Jaguar’s Remote Premium & Online Connected Services.

Remote Premium is all about tracking & monitoring your F-Type Convertible Lease. From a smartphone you’ll be able to see fuel levels, if you forgot to lock any doors, locate the last known position & interact with all latest on-board data.

Q: Our business wants an F-Type Convertible Lease in British Racing Green, can you recommend the best interior colour to go with this?

A: F-Type Convertible Leasing in British Racing Green metallic would be a fabulous exterior colour choice for your business. To best compliment this iconic green we’d recommend an interior colour of Cirrus (grey) or Ebony (black), with a black roof.

If you like British Racing Green, we also think upgrading the deal to include 20” satin grey diamond turned alloy wheels could be a great idea. Let it be known, these wheels aren’t cheap but do look amazing with British Racing Green thanks to their contrasting two-tone effect.

Q: Is there a ‘paddle-shift’ option for F-Type Convertible Lease?

A: F-Type Convertible Leasing with an 8-speed automatic includes a paddle-shift at no extra cost. Located behind the steering wheel you’ll find 2-paddles, so manually override gear changes without ever taking your hands of the wheel or ever need to use a clutch.

Q: With F-Type Convertible Leasing will ownership be mine one day?

A: No, it will not.

Because you’ll be leasing a F-Type Convertible, rather than purchasing one you won’t ever have ownership. If you wanted to keep a new F-Type Convertible for longer than 5 years or prefer to own your car outright then F-Type Convertible leasing with a Contract Hire solution wouldn’t be right for you.

Q: How much will it cost each month for F-Type Convertible Leasing?

A: This answer isn’t straight forward. The amount payable each month for F-Type Convertible leasing varies & is based on several different factors.

Which F-Type Convertible Lease do you want? The lowest monthly rental for F-Type Convertible leasing will usually be found with a 2.0 2dr Auto. If you’ve made your mind up & it’s a 3.0 Supercharged V6 expect to pay quite a bit more each month. As for V8 R & SVR variants, these are the most expensive F-Type Convertible lease contracts on the market.

With R-Dynamic? On face value an R-Dynamic Pack increases the list price & therefore you might think this automatically adds something on to the monthly price you’ll pay? Actually, going with the R-Dynamic Pack for your F-Type Convertible Lease might actually reduce the price you’ll be paying each month & often turns out to be a bit of a bargain.

Any upgrades? The more upgrades added to a F-Type Convertible Lease then the higher a monthly rental is likely to be. If keeping the costs down is something that’s important to you it makes sense to avoid extravagant upgrades like Jaguar’s ‘Ultra’ metallic paint or larger front & rear brake calipers costing thousands more.

Q: Is it worth upgrading my F-Type Convertible Lease to include ambient lighting?

A: Paying a little extra on the monthly rental offers up a neat feature called configurable ambient lighting. If you like the idea of being able to change the interior cabin lighting to suit your mood then it’s probably worth upgrading your F-Type Convertible Lease. Once you start the engine, it’s your choice of Phosphor Blue, Pale Blue, White, Coral or Red LED light that awaits.

Q: Why is there a difference between Business Contract Hire & Personal Contract Hire pricing shown on your website for F-Type Convertible Lease?

A: Generally speaking a distinction between Business Contract Hire & Personal Contract Hire F-Type Convertible Lease pricing shown on our website can be attributed to VAT (at the prevailing, UK rate).

If you’re looking for Business Contract Hire then our F-Type Convertible Lease prices are displayed excluding VAT. Business users that are VAT registered can usually reclaim 50% of the VAT they’ll be paying on the monthly rental, assuming there’s an element of business related mileage.

For Personal Contract Hire, F-Type Convertible Leasing offers are always shown including VAT. Once you’ve settled on the initial payment, annual mileage & final specification the price you see is the price you’ll pay.

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