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Land Rover Range Rover Velar Lease Offers

Because of its mix of appealing aesthetics and technology, a Range Rover Velar lease is recommended for contemporary and high tech car design; without ownership. Awarded 'World Car Design of the Year', Range Rover Velar collected a win with good reason and door handles disappearing into the body panels are a crowd pleaser where ever you go! For a Range Rover Velar lease with even more presence: pick an R-Dynamic & add a sportier look to your Velar as part of the deal. We'd suggest a petrol engine this time, for lower annual mileages and they offer a competitive price for personal leasing. If it's high mileage, business leasing, specifying a Velar with a diesel engine might still be a smarter move.

If you've decided everything is excellent about leasing this type of Range Rover, choosing which Range Rover Velar lease is perfect for you might appear daunting, especially if you don't know much about Prestige Car Leasing. Are you finding it difficult to follow the Range Rover Velar configurations: S, SE, HSE and Autobiography, and all the different deals available? If that's you, we are glad you found us because we are here to help - our years of expertise makes the difference. Our team will explain all you need to know about the characteristics of each Range Rover Velar, and why leasing a Velar makes sense.

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Land Rover Range Rover Velar Leasing & Contract Hire Offers

Engine & Model Business Offers
Personal Offers
2.0 D180 5dr Auto Business Leasing from £388 £388 Personal Leasing from £466 £466
2.0 D180 R-Dynamic S 5dr Auto Business Leasing from £449 £449 Personal Leasing from £539 £539
2.0 D180 R-Dynamic SE 5dr Auto Business Leasing from £474 £474 Personal Leasing from £569 £569
2.0 D180 SE 5dr Auto Business Leasing from £418 £418 Personal Leasing from £502 £502
2.0 D240 R-Dynamic SE 5dr Auto Business Leasing from £500 £500 Personal Leasing from £600 £600
2.0 P250 R-Dynamic S 5dr Auto Business Leasing from £437 £437 Personal Leasing from £524 £524
2.0 P300 HSE 5dr Auto Business Leasing from £483 £483 Personal Leasing from £580 £580
2.0 P300 R-Dynamic HSE 5dr Auto Business Leasing from £492 £492 Personal Leasing from £590 £590
2.0 P300 R-Dynamic SE 5dr Auto Business Leasing from £509 £509 Personal Leasing from £611 £611
3.0 D300 R-Dynamic HSE 5dr Auto Business Leasing from £536 £536 Personal Leasing from £643 £643
2.0 P250 5dr Auto
2.0 P250 HSE 5dr Auto
2.0 P250 R-Dynamic 5dr Auto
2.0 P250 R-Dynamic HSE 5dr Auto
2.0 P250 R-Dynamic SE 5dr Auto
2.0 P250 S 5dr Auto
2.0 P250 SE 5dr Auto
2.0 P300 5dr Auto
2.0 P300 R-Dynamic 5dr Auto
2.0 P300 R-Dynamic S 5dr Auto
2.0 P300 S 5dr Auto
2.0 P300 SE 5dr Auto
5.0 P550 SVAutobiography Dynamic Edition 5dr Auto
2.0 D180 HSE 5dr Auto
2.0 D180 R-Dynamic 5dr Auto
2.0 D180 R-Dynamic HSE 5dr Auto
2.0 D180 S 5dr Auto
2.0 D240 5dr Auto
2.0 D240 HSE 5dr Auto
2.0 D240 R-Dynamic 5dr Auto
2.0 D240 R-Dynamic HSE 5dr Auto
2.0 D240 R-Dynamic S 5dr Auto
2.0 D240 S 5dr Auto
2.0 D240 SE 5dr Auto
3.0 D275 5dr Auto
3.0 D275 HSE 5dr Auto
3.0 D275 R-Dynamic 5dr Auto
3.0 D275 R-Dynamic HSE 5dr Auto
3.0 D275 R-Dynamic S 5dr Auto
3.0 D275 R-Dynamic SE 5dr Auto
3.0 D275 S 5dr Auto
3.0 D275 SE 5dr Auto
3.0 D300 5dr Auto
3.0 D300 HSE 5dr Auto
3.0 D300 R-Dynamic 5dr Auto
3.0 D300 R-Dynamic S 5dr Auto
3.0 D300 R-Dynamic SE 5dr Auto
3.0 D300 S 5dr Auto
3.0 D300 SE 5dr Auto

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Land Rover Range Rover Velar Leasing Guide

Q: I want to lease the sportiest looking Velar, which one should I choose?

A: If you want your new Velar Lease to look as sporty as possible then go for an R-Dynamic Package. Instantly recognisable, an R-Dynamic Velar really looks the part with bold Burnished Copper accents slotted into the bonnet, side vents & grille. The external badging changes colour to a more purposeful Shadow Atlas effect. On the inside, bright metal pedals & chrome gearshift paddles make the whole cabin feel racier & energetic.

Q: Which of the Velar diesel engines would you recommend for lease?

A: This really depends on your requirements.

If a more frugal, lower C02 output diesel engine appeals to you then we’d recommend the D180 or D240 for lease. Both sharing the same 2.0 litre, 4-cylinder engine D180 uses a single turbo & accelerates to 60 in just under 9 seconds. The D240 is that bit quicker thanks to a twin-turbocharger but it has to be said, with only a modest drop-off in fuel efficiency at around 11%.

Clients primarily interested in performance & speed from their Velar Lease should look out for a D275 or even D300 variant. Using a larger capacity 3.0 litre V6 diesel engine where’s a lot more oomph & performance on offer when comparing with any of the 4-cylinders. So if more acceleration appeals to you then good to know with a D300 there’s more than enough power so your Velar will be capable of 150 mph & zips along to the benchmark in under 6.5 seconds.

Q: I’ve heard good things about leasing a petrol Velar, what are your thoughts?

A: It’s certainly true, the new generation of Land Rover petrol engines are hot news at the moment. Both the P250 & P300 petrol engines sound great & add an air of sophistication to way Velar performs on the road.

Until now, the concept of leasing a medium sized SUV like Velar with a petrol engine probably wouldn’t have looked so appealing. Thankfully a shift in consumer attitudes along with some very competitive pricing makes a strong case for why this could be the right time to think about leasing a petrol Velar.

If you only cover a low or average annual mileage, your local city is currently considering limiting the access of diesel powered vehicles or even you just have concerns about future increases to the rates of tax targeting oil burning engines could be just some of the instances where we’d recommend leasing a Velar with a petrol engine.

Q: We don’t have a budget & just want the best Velar Lease on the market. Which one is it?

A: As you don’t have a budget & there isn’t a limit on spend then take advantage of R-Dynamic HSE Velar Lease, it sounds like a brilliant plan.

As standard, the flagship R-Dynamic HSE comes loaded with an amazing specification that’s hard to improve. Matrix LED headlights, 20-way heated & cooled front seats with a massage function, Meridian Sound, Drive pack with adaptive cruise & blind spot assist along with a stunning 21” alloy wheel will all be yours to enjoy.

For those clients where the monthlies just aren’t an issue why not take on your Velar Lease at the shortest term of 24 months & have a new Velar on lease every 2 years? If all this sounds great then please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Q: Does the entry level Velar for lease have a navigation system as standard?

A: No, it doesn’t. For entry level petrol or diesel Velar Lease a navigation system must be ordered separately.

Generally speaking, if a navigation system is a ‘must have’ it normally makes sense to avoid the entry level models & upgrade your Velar Lease to at least an ‘S’. With a Velar ‘S’ Lease make it your own either with or without the R-Dynamic pack but in both cases Land Rover Navigation Pro comes as standard.

Q: Why is the Velar ‘S’ one of the most popular options for lease?

A: The Velar ‘S’ is one of the most popular trim levels because the standard specification has some great features & usually works out to be great value on lease.

For only a small increase to monthly cost, in fact on some occasions you might even find the better specified ‘S’ actually costs less to lease than a more basic model you’ll be getting upgrades like a larger alloy wheel, powered tailgate, folding mirrors & grained leather all as part of the leasing deal.

Q: Someone at a Land Rover retailer told me you can’t lease a Velar on Personal Contract Hire, is that true?

A: No, that isn’t true. We offer competitive Personal Contract Hire packages for Velar & look forward to hearing from you soon.

Q: We the idea of leasing a Velar with Contract Hire, are there any downsides?

A: Even though it sounds like you’ve narrowed down your search & Velar Leasing looks on the cards it’s still a big decision. Leasing a Velar has some obvious advantages, but we think its important clients take a balanced view before deciding if Business or Personal Contract Hire is right for them.

If proceeding with Velar Contract Hire, you’ll be committing to a longer term rental solution, where charges are payable if you terminate the agreement early. Legislative changes to VAT or road tax after you take out your lease will affect your monthly rental & you or a business should be aware monthly payments might become more expensive as a result.

Most importantly, ownership is not an option. So when the deal comes to an end, for those clients who have a strong desire to take on ownership in the years to come Velar Leasing & Contract Hire would not be suitable.

Q: Is there an option to lease a Velar with 7-seats?

A: No, there isn’t an option to lease a Velar with 7-seats.

So, it might be helpful to know Velar has 5 seats as standard & just over 600 litres of load space available at the rear when transporting the maximum of four passengers. It has to be said the rear seating configuration is very versatile & increasing the boot capacity even further is simple task by dropping the rear seats in a number of different ways.

Q: What’s the point of going for a Velar Lease with Electronic Air Suspension?

A: Although Electronic Air Suspension isn’t available across the entire line up its certainly a handy feature. Land Rover’s Automatic Access lowers the Electronic Air Suspension when the Velar parks-up, reducing the ride height by 40 mm. This all makes your entry & exit so much easier from the cabin, perfect for clients who want to lease an SUV with a higher ride height but without the need for side running boards or a step ladder!

Q: We like a good ‘spec’. Which Velar is the best value leasing deal if Matrix LED headlights & 20” wheels are also a must?

A: We understand, you want a good standard specification perhaps to include a reversing camera, power tailgate, 10-way powered seats & Meridian Sound. When you factor all those features in along with the "must haves” a clear choice would be Velar SE Lease, or even Velar R-Dynamic SE Lease if a more sporty appearance is also your thing.

Q: How does the Land Rover Activity Key work with Velar?

A: Upgrading a Velar Lease to include a Convenience Pack includes Land Rover’s ingenious Activity Key (a key that’s not really a key!). If you lead an active lifestyle & don’t have space for the key fob on one of your journeys simply take the special waterproof wristband with you!

Q: If I go for a Velar Leasing Special Offer can I choose my own exterior colour?

A: Yes, you can. As standard, there’s a choice of Narvik Black or Fuji White solid paint. For a modest increase to your monthly rental, there’s a wide range of metallic paint finishes to choose from. Byron Blue, Corris grey, Firenze red, Indus silver & Santorini black are just a few of our own favourite exterior colours, but the choice is yours!

OK, the costs do start to creep-up but perhaps you’ve decided to blow the leasing budget this time? If so, a Premium metallic paint effect might prove to be irresistible & certainly more exclusive. Try out Silicon Silver, it’s a wonderful colour that shimmers in bright sunlight.

Q: My budget for Business Contract Hire is around £400 per month, is there a Velar we can lease around this price?

A: Yes, we’ll need to learn a bit more about your business & the exact requirements but things sound promising so far. Let’s assume an annual mileage of around 10,000 miles per year & if a 48 month Velar Lease appeals we’d normally have a wide variety of Business Contract Hire Offers on or around this price. All with a range of flexible initial payments to help make the deal fit your budget.

Q: We are ‘good to go’ with a Velar Lease but would appreciate your feedback on what they are like to drive?

A: Glad to hear you’ve concluded a Velar leasing deal makes sense & happy to share our own opinions about just how well they drive.

With the latest Land Rover Torque-on-demand, All Wheel Drive system you’ll never be short of grip when conditions take a turn for the worse. Velar eats up the miles. When you need them multiple differential & chassis settings are all available from the click of a button, you certainly don’t need to be a 4x4 expert to get the best out of the drive. There’s always the choice to upgrade your Velar lease a step further to include Terrain Response 2 or even the Off Road Pack if you want the intuitive on-board monitoring system to do all this without your input.

For most clients, Velar’s off-road credentials will never be tested but as the snow falls the very latest decent control allows the driver to maintain controlled, slow speeds on the steepest of downhill routes. When the sun is shining & back on the road, Velar is a joy to drive. Powerful & responsive engines are matched to an athletic chassis setup, this is a Land Rover for driving enthusiasts too.

Velar is a true Range Rover in every sense & as such, you’ll be pleased to know the interior doesn’t detract from the drive. Short or long journeys are a breeze thanks to a commanding driving position that reconfirms your decision to lease a new Velar was a good one. The craftsmanship on display in the cabin is also quite exquisite, soft leathers & a use of high-end fabrics blend together perfectly. State-of-the-art 10” touchscreens deliver all the on-board driving data you’ll ever need & finally, after reaching your destination just stand back & admire the door handles retracing flush back into the body panels.

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