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Mercedes-Benz AMG E-Class Estate Leasing

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About Mercedes-Benz AMG E-Class Estate Leasing

Cutting-edge engineering taken from the world of AMG Motorsport transforms AMG E Class Estate into a thrilling high-performance large sized estate car.

Leasing the AMG E Class Estate opens doors to some outstanding numbers, E63 ‘S’ can hit 62 mph in under four seconds & the latest E53 uses a new 3.0 V6 Bi-Turbo engine that sounds like something from the Gods!

One of the great things about AMG E Class Estate Lease offers is that you have 4Matic all-wheel drive as standard, so there’s a genuinely super-car performance from this estate car, but it’s one that could just as easily transport your family & personal luggage wherever you need to go in sublime style.

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