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Mercedes-Benz AMG G-Class Leasing

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About Mercedes-Benz AMG G-Class Leasing

Developed in Graz Germany, AMG G Class is a totally outlandish mix of a virtually indestructible off-road engineering project fused with AMG DNA.

Everything is re-worked to make this iconic car go faster & the AMG G Class Lease range can hit nearly 140 mph propelled by a monstrous V8 petrol engine!

Leasing an AMG G Class is going to require a big decision, certainly an expensive one, but with the big advantages of Mercedes Contract Hire there’s a fixed price monthly rental & you can return the vehicle at the end of the deal with nothing further to pay.

Business & Personal users alike will also benefit from a low upfront payment & perhaps the chance to re-invest their capital into another project because of the high purchase costs associated with AMG G Class.

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