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BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe Leasing

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About BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe Leasing

With 5-seats, choosing the BMW 4 Series Gran-Coupe Lease is an enticing option for clients who need more space at the back for an extra passenger but still desire the outline of a sportier model. xDrive, BMW’s 4-wheel-drive traction system is available across the range, that’s a big advantage for clients with an interest in leasing a medium-sized car to suit their needs & one that can keep the wheels turning all year round, whatever the weather.

‘HUD’ or Head-Up display is a great upgrade to make a 4 Series Gran-Coupe Lease your own. Being able to check your speed via a projected display onto the windscreen or even just to see ‘who’s calling’ without taking your eyes off the road makes a driving a BMW so much safer. Adaptive LED headlights are another safety feature many clients order, as you turn the wheel, so the headlights follow, helping you see more of the road ahead for just a small increase to your final Contract Hire price.

It’s true; the Gran-Coupe isn’t quite as popular as BMW’s other models, so on occasion, there are competitive rates for quick delivery. Usually, that’s a good time to grab yourself a 4 Series Gran-Coupe Leasing bargain.

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