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Land Rover Personal & Business Lease Deals

Land Rover is a British motoring icon with a particular interest in producing off-road & sports utility vehicles. Leasing with Morgan Highfield & Land is more affordable than you might think.

Land Rover Leases

An icon of British motoring, Land Rover has defined itself over the past 75 years as technically superior to many brands within its field, whilst also maintaining its identity as a luxury brand. With models still being produced here in the UK, Land Rover produces luxury models that are still unrivalled as a 4×4. At Morgan Highfield & Land, we offer UK-wide delivery, with no fees or other charges. We also include road tax with every Land Rover lease across their entire range.

Our selection of Range Rover, Defenders and Discovery’s include the Velar, Sport and Evoque models. This allows you to find a Land Rover lease that is perfect for your requirements, personal or business. Benefit from our in-depth understanding of Land Rovers combined with over 20 years of prestige car leasing know-how to help you find the best Land Rover contract hire deal.

Helping you create your bespoke specifications for luxury cars is what we do. So if you value a competitive quotation and want to know more about our exciting range of Land Rover lease deals, then please get in touch or submit your enquiry online today.

No Fees or Charges

No Fees or Charges

Road Tax Included

Road Tax Included

Free Mainland UK Delivery

Free Mainland UK Delivery

More About Land Rover Contract Hire

Leasing with our Land Rover contract hire schema is the ideal way to drive a luxury Land Rover without having to purchase the car outright. Our contract hire service allows you to drive a Land Rover during your business or personal time without the inherent risks of vehicle ownership or depreciation.

With contract hire, you enjoy a fixed price and affordable monthly payments. This means that you can lease a brand-new Land Rover for a fixed period and then hand back the keys once the lease deal ends. We offer both Business and Personal Lease deals to our clients, so speak with our team today to find out which is better suited to your needs.

Land Rover Personal Lease

Our private clients tell us that Personal Contract Hire helps them to:

  • Change their leasing vehicle more often.
  • Benefit from inclusive annual road tax, all within a set monthly price.
  • Find a deal with a lower initial payment than they thought possible.


Land Rover Business Lease

Similarly, our Land Rover Business Lease clients tell us that they benefit from:

  • Having the flexibility to change their work vehicle regularly
  • Finding lease deals that are less expensive than they once thought
  • Having road tax included in their monthly payments

Business Lease


Why Choose Land Rover as Your Leasing Vehicle?

Some notable benefits of leasing a Land Rover with Morgan Highfield & Land are:

  • 4×4 drive offers unparalleled performance on and off-road
  • Modern design with a traditional flair
  • Many models come with comfortable interiors with an elevated drive position, leather upholstery, heated and cooled seats, and high-end audio infotainment systems.

If you’re interested in leasing a comfortable, high-performing Land Rover, then get in touch with us today.

Our range of powerful Land Rovers are unrivalled as both technical off-road performance vehicles, whilst also being the epitome of luxury. Find our entire range of Land Rover lease deals including Discovery, Defender and Range Rover Brands, below.

Choose From Our Range of Land Rover Leases

The Defender 90 is steeped in history and an icon of British motoring. Find the complete modern Defender 90 range at Morgan Highfield & Land.

Defender 90 Lease Deals

The Defender 110 offers a longer wheelbase than the 90, with 4 doors and extra space inside. Find the complete Defender 110 range at Morgan Highfield & Land.

Defender 110 Lease Deals

The Defender 130 can hold 8 people and extra cargo comfortably. Find out more about the Defender 130 range at Morgan Highfield & Land.

Defender 130 Lease Deals

Combining off-road capability with comfort, space and style, find our complete range of Discoveries below.

Discovery Lease Deals

The Discovery Sport combines the style of the Discovery with more dynamic driving options and luxurious trim.

Discovery Sport Lease Deals

The compact version of the Range Rover still provides comparable style and luxury to its larger namesake.

Range Rover Evoque

Choose from our range of



Land Rover Leasing Frequently Asked Questions

If you or your business never wants to own a Land Rover then leasing has a lot of advantages. The key benefits of the lease are competitive monthly payments, a low initial rental, and zero risk surrounding future residual values.

For some motorists, it may be a more favourable option to consider Land Rover leasing over ownership. This is because leasing avoids some possible annoyances associated with vehicle ownership. This may include depreciation costs or road tax prices.

The term ‘mild-hybrid’ or MHEV (Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle) describes a new generation of Land Rover, the type with lower fuel consumption and battery technology.

Leasing a Land Rover ‘MHEV’ combines efficient engine technology and a high-tech battery to harvest the energy usually lost during deceleration and braking. When required, this new energy stored deploys to support the engine – so less fuel, and therefore less cost to you or your business.

For whatever reason, if you or the business wishes to end the contract earlier than initially agreed an early termination charge would apply.

Typically, early termination charges are set at 50% of the outstanding rentals due on the date you or your business wants to terminate the agreement. However, this fee could be up to 100% of outstanding payments and depends on the lender.

Other terms, like excess mileage charges and a fair wear and tear policy still apply for early termination.

In theory, you or your business could lease a used Land Rover.

While the benefits of leasing a Land Rover are clear, going with a used option is generally more expensive on the monthlies, and the period of manufacturer warranty is shorter.

Unlike the latest Land Rover, older examples are less likely to have the most developed in-car technology and are inevitably challenging to maintain.

When you’ve weighed it all up, a brand-new Land Rover is likely to be a more cost-efficient and assured solution.

The Land Rover brand is renowned for manufacturing ‘go-anywhere’ large estate-type SUVs and off-roaders, but not all of their vehicles have 4-wheel-drive (AWD).

Choosing a deal without AWD could be advantageous. Opting for a 2-wheel-drive (2WD) Land Rover is the best option for town driving, decreasing the amount of fuel needed for each journey and reducing whole-life costs. Please get in touch or ‘ask a question’ to find out more.

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