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About Range Rover Sport Leasing

If you choose Range Rover Sport Leasing, there is a wide choice of engines, but the petrol P400 is a great all-rounder.

Despite all the bad press and after many years of Range Rover Sport leasing, we find the high-torque D300 and D350 diesel engines continue to be strong contenders, especially for personal leasing where CO2 could be less of an issue.

For Business Leasing, clients that wish to pay a lower benefit-in-kind should consider the P460e and P550e Plug-in Hybrids. With competitive monthly costs & reduced exhaust emissions, it’s the most tax-efficient Range Rover Sport Lease currently available.

It just wouldn’t be a Range Rover Sport, that’s RRS for short, without the trim levels of SE, Dynamic SE, First Edition & Autobiography.

The 2022 Model Year SVR was the fastest-ever Range Rover Sport to lease with its 5.0 Supercharged V8 racing car-like engine and so we’re looking forward to the brand launching its next SVR-badged vehicle.

We often ask clients, why they decided to lease their Range Rover Sport instead of buying one outright. Their answer “we leased a Range Rover Sport because of a simple once-per-month rental, low initial payment & at the end of the contract we just give back the keys”.

Returning the Range Rover Sport when the lease deal comes to an end is simple, and as long as you return the car in good condition and don’t exceed your contracted annual mileage you’ll have nothing more to pay. What are you waiting for?

Your Range Rover Sport Leasing questions


Not on the New Range Rover Sport, not yet at least!

On the previous 2022 Model Year Range Rover Sport there was seating for five people as standard but clients needing an additional two seats could upgrade their Range Rover Sport Lease to include 7-seats, a no-brainer across most of the HSE, HSE Dynamic & Autobiography Dynamic trim levels.

From our experience, ‘3rd-row seating’ turns your luxury Range Rover Sport Lease into a practical way to transport seven people but comforting to know that at the touch of a button, when the 6th & 7th seats aren’t in use, they automatically fold away into the load area floor.

So, going for a 7-seat Range Rover Sport Lease won’t compromise your day-to-day or load-carrying capabilities & the best news yet, all of this practicality is attainable with just a relatively small increase to your monthly rental.

For business, leasing a Range Rover Sport with Contract Hire makes sound financial sense. Driving the latest model year, changing the Sport more often & without a worry in regards to future resale values in years to come are further reasons why a business should be considering a leasing a Range Rover Sport.

In the unfortunate circumstance an employee leaves without notice & the Range Rover Sport is no longer required a simple one-off termination charge can be paid to return the vehicle early plus an option to include a fixed price maintenance package that removes a risk of the unforeseen & a strain on business cash-flow, just at the wrong time.

The cost of leasing a Range Rover Sport is going to be influenced by several different factors. Generally speaking, take the lease over a more extended period & don’t overestimate on the annual mileage if you want two streetwise ways to keep monthly costs down.

The lowest cost way to lease a Range Rover Sport would usually be with a Contract Hire agreement based over four or even five years, with flexible initial payments to reduce your monthly outgoings, that’s if you’d prefer to pay more upfront. Please check out our latest Range Rover Sport Leasing & Contract Hire offers to see a wide variety of monthly rentals & different terms.

Optional extras enhance the ‘spec’ & enjoyment you’ll get from a Range Rover Sport Lease, but yes, they do attract an additional cost. It’s true, the standard specification for an entry-level Range Rover Sport HSE Lease is extremely good, but they’re still are plenty of functional, family-friendly & hi-tech upgrades tempting you into making the deal hi-spec.

For a quick estimation, divide the cost of each extra across the term of the lease to give an idea on price but it’s not always that straight forward! So, if you have a Range Rover Sport Lease specification in mind & want to know exactly how much those ‘nice to have’ extras are going to cost then request a bespoke quotation directly from our website, it’s quick, easy & comes without obligation.

In our opinion, the P400 petrol is a neat engine that sounds great & has plenty of oomph.

In previous years, if you wanted to lease a Range Rover Sport, then an SDV6 diesel engine was probably the go-to but the latest 2996cc P400 engine certainly has more than enough power to make leasing a Range Rover Sport very enjoyable.

If you aren’t sure or just stuck on diesel then its clear cut – go for the D300 or D350 on lease.

Yes. With Morgan Highfield & Land all of the Range Rover Sport leasing deals we offer are for the supply of new Land Rovers & include a comprehensive manufacturer warranty from Land Rover.

In the unlikely event, your Range Rover Sport encounters a mechanical fault, or you feel something isn’t quite right then take your Range Rover Sport to an approved Land Rover retailer for inspection. For additional peace of mind, why not consider leasing your Range Rover Sport with maintenance?

No, not currently.

While leasing a Range Rover Sport P460e could be a smart move the powertrain is PHEV, so plug-in-hybrid & not exclusively a battery electric-powered vehicle. P550e is the latest fusion of both combustion petrol engine & short range of hybrid drive electric motor with Land Rover claiming an all-electric range of up to 70 miles from a full charge.

We’d probably expect the electric reach to be somewhat optimistic, so clients looking at full-battery electric vehicles wouldn’t find a P460e lease suitable for anything more than shorter journeys, on the battery alone.

Leasing a Range Rover Sport P460e could be a great idea, certainly by removing the risks of ownership but it’s probably fair to say the P460e Hybrid variant isn’t going to be a perfect match for everyone. The benefits of the P460e are easy to spot, Hybrid power, and greener credentials for business users with less company car tax – it’s just when you look a little closer that the downsides could become more of a problem.

Its load area space is compromised as a consequence of packing in all the batteries (they have to go somewhere!), and the boot floor is also higher which makes loading in all your gear more of a challenge. It’s important to remember, that a Range Rover Sport wasn’t designed to be an electric vehicle, so there are limitations on optional equipment, not being able to order 23″ alloy wheels or those 7 seats might also put you right off.

Finally, for most clients proceeding with a Range Rover Sport Lease, it’s all about driving a larger SUV that’s very much sporty & fun.

So adding in all the extra weight of the P440e Hybrid drivetrain takes the shine off the legendary Range Rover Sport ride, also compromises fuel efficiency & becomes a chore when you quickly run out of charge.

Go for a Range Rover Sport SE Dynamic Lease if you or your business want a sporty appearance, increased off-road capability & more refinement on the interior as part of the deal.

Larger alloy wheels give your Range Rover Sport SE Dynamic Lease a more sporting look.

Terrain Response 2 with a twin-speed gearbox means you can tackle just about any condition & a version of the interior leather that extends across the door roll top & cockpit dashboard adds an air of grandeur to the cabin.

It’s going to be a tough decision, but because we are Land Rover Lease Experts, we’ll help you find the right solution.

If you like the idea of painted black alloy wheels & stealthy badging, you’ll be pleased to hear both are popular choices for clients leasing a new Range Rover Sport.

From the off, essential to note trim parts you might have seen on a photo or brochure aren’t always standard fitment & often you’ll need to pay a higher monthly cost to upgrade.

So, if you’ve made up your mind, a choice of 22” & larger 23” painted black wheels for the HSE Dynamic trim level awaits & it has to be said, both of the split-spoke designs do look stunning.

You might even have been leaning towards leasing the Autobiography Dynamic, if so you’ll only have to pay an upgrade cost for the more giant rims but to give your Range Rover Sport Lease ‘the’ wow factor why not go for the Carbon Fibre Exterior pack?

If you do, then your Autobiography Dynamic Sport Lease will most certainly stand out from the crowd with high gloss bonnet vents, mirror caps & tailgate finishers all crafted from a beautiful carbon weave.

There’s no doubt, that leasing a Range Rover Sport gets you one of the most exciting SUVs on the market, if only Land Rover could build more of them!

Which RRS would we choose? We would take the P460e Dynamic SE variant & we’d ‘spec’ it up in Varesine Blue with an Ebony Windsor leather interior, add on a set of 22” inch satin black rims, the black exterior pack & privacy glass.

Why? Varesine blue is just a fabulous new Land Rover colour. The deep, vibrant dark metallic blue matches the on-road presence of the car perfectly. Privacy glass is a must for most families & what’s not to like about those rims?!

The Plug-in Hybrid Electric engines might cater best for the needs of an average mileage & are generally great value on a more extended Contract Hire deal. This way there’s more time to enjoy the lease & get to know your Range Rover Sport.

Secure Tracker Pro, Soft close doors & a Head-up display are usually ‘must-haves’ for both business & personal clients leasing a Range Rover Sport.

Fixed or deployable side steps are often required by our clients and if you’re a skier you might also decide to invest in a ski/snowboard carrier from the range of Landrover-approved accessories.

Land Rover’s Cabin pre-conditioning upgrade is a cool feature, but then you didn’t want to go crazy?

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