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Business car leasing is easier than ever with Morgan Highfield & Land. With no fees and nationwide delivery available, you’ll find your new luxury vehicle from our wide range of premium brands.

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What is Business Car Leasing?

‘Business Car Leasing’ is also known as ‘Business Contract Hire. This service allows you to drive a new car not only for business purposes but also during your private time. Another advantage of leasing a business car is that you can upgrade your vehicle every few years once the lease period is up.

Our service comprises an initial rental payment upfront and a monthly rental payment over an agreed period. The initial rental cost is typically equivalent to three, six, nine or twelve monthly rental payments. To find more available options, simply contact us, and we will prepare an offer to suit your needs.

Business Car Leasing is a great way to equip yourself or staff with modern cars and offset the costs of buying an expensive prestige vehicle outright. There may also be other incentives for vehicles emitting low CO₂ levels.

The Benefits of Business Car Leasing

  • Lower, predictable monthly costs
  • Low initial rental outlay
  • No risk of depreciation
  • Great recruitment incentive

Business contract hire vehicles are a cheaper alternative to buying one or more cars outright for a business. This is due to the costs being amortised over an extended period.

We also work with some of the nation’s largest lenders. This, alongside our long-standing relationships with prestige car suppliers, means that our business contract hire service always remains competitively priced.

Businesses also avoid costly depreciation of the vehicle, too. This makes the Business contract hire a predictable monthly cost.


Other Areas For Consideration With Business Car Leases

  • Charges will apply if the agreement is terminated early
  • Charges may apply if the contracted mileage is exceeded at a cost-per-mile
  • Any damage outside the BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear Guide will be charged to the business
  • All vehicles leased will be subject to VAT at the prevailing rate
  • Any increases in road tax during the lease period will be charged to the business
  • You must provide full and comprehensive insurance for the vehicle
  • Ownership of the vehicle will never be transferred to you or your business


Business Contract Hire From Morgan Highfield & Land

Business Contract Leases are a great way to offset the cost of luxury vehicles over a selected number of months. Morgan Highfield & Land specialise in prestige vehicles, which can often depreciate rapidly once they drive off the forecourt.

Leasing a premium vehicle from us allows you to drive a new, prestige vehicle without the risk of depreciation. As you are only leasing the vehicle, the depreciation costs are passed to the lender, once it has been returned.

Morgan Highfield & Land is committed to providing modern, prestige cars to businesses in the UK. We never charge administration or broker fees. We also offer flexible rental periods, ranging from 24 to 60 months, and we offer delivery to mainland UK as standard.


How Does Business Contract Hire Work?

Business Contract Hire is a service that allows a company to pay fixed monthly rentals for a particular period (usually 24 to 60 months) and an annual mileage allowance.
The vehicle is returned to the finance provider at the end of the contract. Your vehicle must be returned in a condition that meets the BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear Guide, otherwise, you may have to pay towards restoring the vehicle to an acceptable condition. These conditions will be outlined in your agreement with your lender.

This relieves the business of dealing with depreciation values and possibly disposing of the vehicle. By using contract hire, a company can focus on its core activities and avoid the financial risk and administrative burden of owning a vehicle or fleet of vehicles.

Luxury or prestige vehicle rental is no different. However, the quality of vehicles available from a prestige dealer may be more suitable for business lease car deals (e.g. deals on Tesla, Polestar, Audi and BMW).

Is Business Contract Hire Right For Me?

Business Contract Hire is similar to Personal Contract Hire, but you are using the vehicle primarily for business purposes. If you want to lease a vehicle for business purposes, such as driving to work or long trips for meetings with clients, then leasing a vehicle through a business contract hire scheme could well be the best option for you.

Business car finance is available for the following entities:

  • Sole traders who have a bank account in their trading name,
  • Partnerships,
  • Limited companies, private limited companies (PLCs), and limited liability partnerships.

If you trade as one of the 5 business entities listed above, then you may be eligible for business contract hire from us at Morgan Highfield & Land.

Business Lease Car Deals On Our Most Popular Brands

Morgan Highfield & Land offer nearly 100 prestige vehicles suitable for personal and business lease. With delivery available to all mainland UK locations, there has never been a better time to upgrade your vehicle to a more modern brand or model.

Tesla, Range Rover, BMW, Porsche and even Maserati are available on leases ranging from 24 months to 5 years in length. You can secure your dream work vehicle today with no hidden fees. We’ll even cover the road tax, too.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our previous customers have to say about our Business Car Lease service:

What Our Customers Have To Say

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Business Car Lease Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Morgan Highfield & Land offer both private and business lease car deals.

Always seek advice from an accountant or tax specialist before leasing a vehicle for your business.

You can lease as many business vehicles as you wish, subject to credit checks. The lender will ensure you can fully demonstrate your ability to pay the monthly fees. We will help you through the process here at Morgan Highfield & Land, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Whilst our services here at Morgan Highfield & Land are subject to status, it may be possible to lease a prestige car whilst opening a business.

Contact us to see how we can help with no obligation – prestige business car leases are more affordable than people may think, especially if you are tax-registered.

If the business understands the risks, we can extend our services to include a Business Finance Lease. Please contact us directly to discuss this complex area further.

Whilst we try to assist all our customers in getting a car leasing service for their business, we understand that prestige car leasing isn’t for everyone. Certain criteria must be met for a business to be considered for leasing a prestige car. As such, we regret to inform you that we are unable to assist with the following requests from a business:

  • If a vehicle will be used for courier services, sub-hire or let, body-shop use, chauffeur/taxi services & accident management services.
  • If the business is overseas and does not have a mainland (UK) registered office, or connected with an international embassy, or to any company linked to an unstable country.
  • Enquiries from businesses suspected of involvement in hire company, car leasing, and contract hire credit intermediary activities.
  • If the business has a known adverse credit history or is currently or has been involved in any form of insolvency proceedings.


Yes. Annual mileage can be fine-tuned to suit just about everyone. However, if you go over these annual mileage estimates, then you may be charged additionally at a cost of pence per mile.

Our pricing does not include a maintenance package as standard unless it is explicitly mentioned as an additional inclusion, compulsory or otherwise, in our written quote. However, if you require a maintenance package, we will try to offer you one from a lender, wherever possible.

If you want more information about our maintenance package, please request a quote that includes the term “maintenance“.

Our standards on wear and tear are fair and fall under the industry standard definitions.

We use a car leasing industry standard called the BVRLA fair wear & tear guide (a copy is available upon request). We suggest reading it as it’s quick and easy to understand. It can save you time and money if you haven’t taken care of the vehicle, in the long run.

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