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About Porsche Taycan Leasing

Porsche Taycan Leasing is a culmination of zero exhaust emissions, sublime acceleration and competitive monthly rentals. Thankfully its a contract exempt from the hassle of car ownership and does not require a large upfront rental to start the lease.

The option of making a low upfront payment commences with three months in advance, supported by set monthly rentals for the remainder of the deal. To reduce the monthly hire cost, increase the initial payment to match your budget.

Leasing the Porsche Taycan is as flexible as you need the agreement to be, selecting the term and annual mileage to suit your needs is easy.

This Porsche is a sleek, cutting edge battery-electric vehicle. It has 4-doors and four practical seats, but it isn’t a large saloon, it is distinctly a sports-coupe.

A high-tech battery replaces a fossil-fueled Porsche engine. Yet, this new electric-powered technology offers up a real-world driving range equivalent to its petrol-powered siblings with blistering speed.

When conditions are ideal, a range of over 250 miles is achievable for the 4S and over 270 miles for the Turbo.

If the moment arrises, accelerate to 62 mph in under four seconds with launch control. For the most extended range, please choose a 93-kWh battery, a stock feature for the Turbo and the Turbo S, and optional for the 4S.

Opting for the Taycan with a 93KW Lithium-ion pack increases range, and power output.

Leasing a Porsche Taycan is an attractive proposition when you want a high-performance electric car, and your journeys are a mixture of city, country road and motorway driving. You also recognise the benefit of a fixed monthly price and a limited period of financial commitment.

For business, leasing a Porsche Taycan could improve the cash flow and reduce the time spent budgeting for unforeseen. Company car benefit-in-kind is surprisingly low, for such a premium car and along with government incentives for office and home charging points, the Taycan is particularly tax-efficient, unlike some other Porsche cars.

Without doubt; car leasing is the future of motor vehicle finance. So if you or business has decided on a lease, and the requirement is the Porsche Taycan – we’d love to hear from you.

Our pricing is customised exclusively for you, we don’t charge a fee and two decades of prestige car expertise and five-star service comes as standard.

Your Porsche Taycan Leasing questions


If you do not want to own the Taycan, then leasing this type of Porsche is a better idea.

If you buy a Porsche Taycan, then you are taking on all of the risks associated with traditional car ownership. The dangers of owning a Porshe Taycan are significant, like what this Porsche will be worth in future years; what happens if you need to sell the Taycan in a hurry; and because it’s an electric vehicle – what happens when the vehicle warranty expires.

If you lease the Taycan, then you can enjoy the benefits of this electric Porsche without the risks associated with traditional car ownership.

Porsche Taycan Leasing has the benefit of a fixed monthly rental, a guaranteed price if you need to exit the agreement and an optional maintenance package.

The maintenance package is distinct to Porsche Taycan Leasing. It’s a package that takes care of mechanical breakdown and routine maintenance with affordable monthly payments. As the package includes mechanical failure, it involves keeping the batteries in good working order.

No, Taycan is not an SUV. The Taycan is a high-performance sports-saloon car, manufactured by Porsche.

If you want to lease an SUV produced by Porsche, try leasing the Macan or the Cayenne.

Electric vehicles, like the Porsche Taycan, are the future. The advanced technology present in these high-performance vehicles is remarkable, and it’s not just the batteries and the dashboard that is cutting edge. Porsche have optimised the Taycan to be one of the most efficient electric vehicles in the market.

This advanced technology dictates that your Porsche is dependant on electric power and planing your journeys when they are over a longer duration is essential. Otherwise, the leasing a Porsche Taycan should be no more or less reliable than any other Porsche sports car.

Porsche Mobile Charge Connect is a device to recharge your Taycan at a rate of up to 11kwh. This particular tool has a touchscreen display and is programmed to work with a home or a business industrial socket.

With the Connect APP, you can monitor the state of charge in your Porsche at any time.

Recharging the Taycan and its batteries will depend on the charging equipment and the type of electric charging facility available.

The fastest way to restore the battery power uses a ‘super-charged’ high-voltage charging station. Porsche claim that recharging the Taycan with this type of facility takes under 5 minutes of charging to provide enough electricity for 60 miles of range.

Lease the Taycan and you can continue your journey quickly, without the hassle of ever owning the car.

Yes, leasing a Porsche Taycan is extremely tax-efficient, particularly for a business lease.

Taycan is a battery-electric vehicle, and it emits zero emissions. As its battery-electric, this means a business can offset all of its lease rentals against their corporation tax.

Zero emissions have an additional benefit; a company car driver pays the lowest rates of tax, despite the high list price of a Porsche Taycan.

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