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About Porsche 718 Cayman Leasing

The Porsche Cayman is a high-performance vehicle and a member of the 718 families. Choosing this particular sports car requires thoughtfulness and reflection because of its high value and two-seat configuration.

So when the Porsche Cayman is perfect for you the solution we recommend solves a common question with a straightforward answer.

To buy or lease the Cayman? Lease this particular type of Porsche; it’s cost-efficient and has lots of advantages.

Leasing is the most desirable solution when you or Business has no intentions towards ownership.

The agreement we propose is more like a rental agreement than any loan or purchase scheme. In return for commitment over a more extended period of hire, there’s a competitive monthly price and lots of benefits for you or Business.

Therefore, it has to be Porsche 718 Cayman Leasing and pre-empt all the problems of buying this car.

Unlike buying, which is expensive and risky, leasing is different. Porsche Cayman lease deals have low initial rental and include customisable monthly payments to suit a budget.

Its a fact, Porsche 718 Cayman Leasing stands out from the crowd, and you’ll always know where you stand.

As its part of this formidable sports car family, Porsche built the Cayman for speed and brilliant coupe performance – but you’ll never have to worry about a large upfront deposit like with a PCP or selling privately.

Naturally, you want to make a statement, perhaps with a vivid exterior colour? If that’s you, we recommend Miami Blue or Lava Orange, special metallic paint if you want a show-stopping configuration.

So be braver than before, because our contracts ensure the deal is worry-free – just how you want it, without the hassle of ownership and used car values.

Clients often ask, “how long will delivery take?” – delivery times vary, so it’s a good idea to plan several months in front. Allow up to 20 weeks for delivery, and typically this makes sense.

Another popular request is for a private number plate, and that is no problem. We’ll help you transfer your number plate all as part of our superior service to you.

Likewise, although in the good times resale values remain secure buying at the wrong time, like just before a drop in used car prices and you could experience a sizeable loss.

Make a favourable decision and lease a Porsche Cayman with Contract Hire to protect against any uncertainty.

Leasing your 718 Cayman gets you a fixed price, and the total amount repaid is known from the start of the agreement.

As available to Businesses or as a Personal deal, and whichever way you go, a contract of hire is the smart way to bankroll your new Cayman – if you never want to own it.

Your Porsche 718 Cayman Leasing questions


Unquestionably, 2.0 2dr PDK would be the most popular Personal 718 Cayman leasing deal.

Leasing a 2.0 2dr PDK Cayman is an attractive idea for so many individuals because there’s an enticing combination of affordable monthly rentals, generous standard specification & impressive performance numbers.

Porsche PDK gearbox also gives the driver lightning-quick gear changes & intoxicating throttle blips on downshifts, all adding to the popularity of this particular Cayman lease.

718 Cayman lease has a notable baseline specification. 18-Inch alloy wheels, Porsche Communication Management (PCM), navigation module & Porsche Connect are all part of the deal. 2-way electric sports seats & Porsche Sound Package Plus create a classy feel to the interior but don’t increase the monthlies.

Stretch out for a 718 Cayman S lease & the basic spec is even better. Partial leather seats replace Alcantara fabric, 19-Inch alloy wheels are needed to cope with extra performance & signature red brake callipers say, this is 718 ‘S’.

Although both variants have the latest Porsche exhaust system, leasing a 718 Cayman S also comes with their iconic sport twin-tailpipe as standard.

718 GTR was a legendary Porsche race car from the early 1960s. The name 718 Cayman pays tribute to this famous model & the ‘718 eras’.

The latest generation of turbocharged four-cylinder engines is a nod to the spirit of 718 GTR, a car that helped Porsche attain great success on the race track.

DNA from the original 718 is clear to see & those characteristics are to be enjoyed with a new 718 Cayman. So if you decide to lease a 718 Cayman, it probably needs to be based on your desire for high performance, pure-bred Porsche roadster.

Leasing a standard 718 Cayman comes in a choice of Racing Yellow, Guards Red, White or Black. Optional metallic paint finishes include Carrara White, Jet Black, Night Blue, Agate Grey & GT Silver.

To make 718 Cayman Leasing even more exclusive how about a distinctive colour? If that appeals to you, check out Carmine Red, Crayon, Lava Orange or even Miami Blue.

Yes. Lease a 718 Cayman S if you want more performance & faster acceleration. If a 2.5-litre turbocharged engine with 350 BHP would be needed then 718 Cayman S leasing sounds like a plan. That’s 50 BHP more than a regular Cayman.

Considering the lightweight, the rear-wheel-drive concept of a Porsche Cayman the 50 extra horsepower shaves over half a second off 0-60 mph & certainly creates more urgency across the rev-range.

Latest generation 718 Cayman leasing includes with a twin-tract, Porsche Sports Exhaust system that looks & sounds incredible. Leasing a Cayman with a Sports Exhaust intensifies & elevates the powerful sound of this mid-engine Porsche.

Sure, there isn’t quite that high pitched engine note we all loved from the six-cylinder, but engine technology moves on at a rapid pace. Porsche is finding surprising ways to produce more power & more exceptional performance from a smaller capacity, fuel-efficient 4-cylinder engines.

If you want the fastest 718 Cayman on Lease, go for the GTS.

With 365 HP & a maximum 430 NM torque a Cayman GTS lease hooks you up with serious performance & a Porsche that’s almost ready to race. Naturally being the fastest, 718 Cayman GTS lease also has the sharpest handling & 20-Inch rims come in at no extra cost.

If you decide to act on a Cayman GTS lease, we’d recommend avoiding the full-on PASM lowered suspension. On all but the smoothest of UK roads reducing the height by a total of 20 mm, is just 10 mm too far.

Choosing the interior seat material for your 718 Cayman lease isn’t straight forward, but our know-how will help you get to the bottom of things, quickly.

Alcantara comes as standard, mixed with leatherette for the seat bolsters. Alcantara is a suede-type fabric in keeping with Porsche’s motorsport heritage derived from the track. It’s just not everyone’s idea of luxury, so you might want to upgrade.

Partial leather means your 718 Cayman lease will include a leathered seat, with genuine leather seat facings.

A step further; its Partial leather with leather package. In addition to the leathered seat, a leather finish to the instrument shroud, storage compartment & door pulls will be part of the deal.

Going for a Leather Interior is usually more expensive but stands out. There’s now an opulent feel to the cabin thanks to a smoother leather, one that extends across the dashboard, centre console & stitched door tops. Leather Interior is also available as a one or two-tone colour combination & fine natural leathers in Espresso & Cognac complete the range.

You might be at the point where you’ve chosen a 718 Cayman lease for your next Contract Hire deal, but perhaps you aren’t sure of your options on the sound system?

Although the Sound Package Plus has a perfectly decent 150 watts of power perhaps you wanted something more high-end?

BOSE surround sound is available for 718 Cayman leasing & has been specifically designed to produce an optimal resonance for smaller, 2-seat Porsche sports cars. With ten loudspeakers & a total output of over 500 watts, they’ll hear you coming!

For those clients who genuinely want the best, it just has to be Burmester Sound. Acclaimed to be ‘the’ best premium quality audio maker in Germany turns up the volume to enjoy the finest of high-end acoustic notes.

Just before you say yes, the cost? Burmester Sound would be over £2,700 or an additional £71 per month to your final specification if you went for a 3-year, 3-rental in advance 718 Cayman lease.

When you’ve weighed it all up or even you need a little help deciding which sound system is right for your Cayman lease then please get in touch, we’d love to help.

Yes, road noise might be an issue.

While the range of 20-inch alloy wheels from Porsche makes 718 Cayman lease a fantastic, they also increase the amount of road noise significantly.

Business users looking for refinement might grow tired of the excess noise on longer journeys. The higher cost of replacement tyres might also be a consideration if you didn’t take out a maintenance agreement with a personal deal.

Larger Carrera S, Carrera Classic, 911 Turbo or Sport 20-inch wheels might prove irresistible, but it’s good to know there’s a trade-off with increased road noise & perhaps increased the cost. All that said, we have several clients travelling over 20,000 miles per year with their deals, so it has to be your call.

Yes, you can. Send over your ‘Porsche Code’ along with a few more details to fine-tune your quotation.

Business or Personal Contract Hire? No problem, we offer both for Porsche 718 Cayman leasing.

Annual mileage? Especially for a quotation, be precise with your estimations, it makes all the difference to your quote.

Initial payment and how long you’d like to hire? We offer a range of contracts from two, to a maximum of five years. You can put the wheels in motion for a 718 Cayman lease with just 3-rentals in advance, but maybe you preferred to pay more upfront this time?

Leasing a 718 Cayman with Contract Hire inevitably means the agreement will come to an end & you or business will be able to return the Porsche without any financial worries about depreciation or resale.

Assuming everything is as it should be, hand back the keys & there’s nothing else to pay at the end of your 718 Cayman Contract Hire agreement however there are some circumstances when further charges still apply.

Are you exceeding the total contract mileage? Clients exceeding the total contracted mileage will need to pay additional pence per mile charge, the ones agreed at the start of the contract.

Damage to the bodywork or alloy wheels? It always makes sense to appraise the condition of your 718 Cayman lease in conjunction with a BVRLA fair wear & tear guide before handing back the keys. Missing items should be replaced & damage to the bodywork or alloy wheels outside of reasonable wear & tear should be repaired before collection & you’ll avoid unnecessary charges.

Terminating the agreement early? For whatever reason, if a 718 Cayman Contract Hire agreement ends earlier than planned early termination charges will be payable by you or the business.

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