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Porsche are a German Sports Car manufacturer based in Germany, founded in 1931. Because it’s a Porsche lease, high performance and stunning good-looks are the priority.

Whichever Porsche lease you choose, you’ll be driving a car born on the race track but tamed for the road. Although the spirit of a Porsche beats to the rhythm of a two or 2+2 seat sports-car, the range includes medium and large SUVs, large saloons and grand-tourer with seating for five people.

Alongside the other models, leasing a Porsche can be rewarded with the most up-to-date Electric Hybrid technology.

Porsche E-Hybrid descends from many years of Porsche motorsport cleverness, available across a range of Porsche Leasing. New Porsche E-Performance variants have arrived, for Porsche enthusiasts longing for a battery electric-powered sports car.

Morgan Highfield & Land are ‘the’ Porsche Leasing experts. We know about the complicated world of a leasing a Porsche better than the rest; it’s in our DNA. Effortlessly helping clients find their dream Porsche configuration, is what we do.

If you have a question about leasing a Porsche or you need a quotation, we are here to help and look forward to hearing from you soon.

No Fees or Charges

No Fees or Charges

Road Tax Included

Road Tax Included

Free Mainland UK Delivery

Free Mainland UK Delivery

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Porsche Leasing

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About Porsche Leasing & Contract Hire

Porsche Leasing & Contract Hire, an excellent way to enjoy all those exciting & adrenaline-pumping moments you get from driving the outstanding range of Porsche sports cars: just without all the financial hassle.

You lead a busy life; prefer not to haggle; don’t want uncertainty surrounding re-sale values & the hassle of Porsche ownership?

Porsche Contract Hire takes away those concerns & ownership risks, so relax. Porsche Contract Hire is about: fixed prices; affordable monthly payments; keeping a new Porsche for an agreed period; hand back the keys when the deal ends.

Our Porsche Contract Hire solutions are available to both Business & Personal users; this makes us different. For a Business, leasing a Porsche can be extremely tax-efficient & improve cash flow.

Because of the low upfront payments, a Porsche Business Contract Hire allows the re-deployment of business capital into another project.

Private clients tell us Personal Contract Hire helps: change their Porsche sports car lease more often, find a deal with a lower initial payment than they thought possible & benefit from inclusive annual road tax; all within a set monthly price.

Your Porsche Leasing questions


Delivery times for a Porsche lease are approximately 16 to 20 weeks, model dependent.

Please get in touch and tell us about which Porsche you want to lease, we can let you know a more precise lead-time and send you a contract hire price.

No, a business reclaims 50% of the VAT payable on the monthly rental and the initial rental. This 50% rate of recoverable VAT assumes the leased Porsche is for both social and business use.

If the Porsche emits a CO2 less than 110 g/km, then 100% of the lease rentals, for contract hire are allowable against the companies tax. For Porsche cars that give off a CO2 equal to or higher than 111 g/km, then 85% of the rentals are allowable against its tax.

No, Porsche no longer produces diesel engine cars, and thus you can’t lease a Porsche with an RDE2 diesel engine.

Leasing a Porsche with a maintenance pack and replacement tyres are included in the agreement. In the event of reasonable wear and tear or a puncture (subject to the terms of each lender) if you choose a maintenance pack, then the worn or damaged tyres are replaced with new.

This policy is especially beneficial for a Porsche lease, where the financial cost of replacement tyres could be high, and the unforeseen costs of a puncture are satisfied by a set increase to the monthly rental.

Yes, before travelling into Europe with a Porsche you must request and have received a form called a VE103. The VE103 confirms to European authorities that you have the permission of the lender, to take your Porsche lease outside the UK.

With a Porsche lease, the maximum length of time for travelling outside the UK is by prior arrangement with a lender, and your car insurance policy. It’s your responsibility to ensure the correct level of insurance cover, suitable travel documentation and vehicle accessories; before the journey.

Yes, a government grant (currently £500) for a ‘home-charge’ solution is available to anyone leasing an electric Porsche, like the E-Hybrid (PHEV) or the Taycan (BEV).

The rate at which your electric Porsche can recharge depends on the power output of your home-charging solution. We’d recommend a power output of 7kw as its suitable for a faster rate of charge and the demands of a Porsche electric vehicle.

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