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About Porsche Cayenne Leasing

Porsche Cayenne Leasing is the outstanding combination of sports-car, off-roader, a splendid drive and low monthly rentals; all rolled into one deal.

This Porsche is a large family-type of 4×4 with 5-doors, but also has the spirit of a true sports-car always present in their DNA. As it’s the second most popular SUV in the range, leasing a Porsche Cayenne is an attractive proposition when you need more space, but you do not want the hassle or associated risks of car ownership.

For its engine, there’s a selection of front-mounted turbocharged V6-petrol power trains. These Porsche engines are more fuel-efficient than ever before, and this is why the Cayenne is favourable for personal leasing. For a business lease, the benefits of E-Hybrid are stark – reduced emissions, kinder to our environment and high tax efficiency.

Gone is the time when purchasing with a loan or PCP was the only way to finance a Porsche, Contract Hire is the smart way to lease a Cayenne.

With a low initial payment, fixed monthly rentals and defined agreement term, you know exactly where you stand with Contract Hire – used vehicle depreciation will never be your problem.

Undoubtedly, Porsche Cayenne Leasing makes financing what seemed unattainable, affordable and within your reach. You benefit from generous savings and do not need to worry about a higher mileage or a set of specific requirements, as our pricing is customised for you.

Have you made up your mind, it’s leasing, and it’s the Porsche Cayenne? If the answer is yes, we’ll help you find you a perfect solution with our prestige car know-how and understanding.

Your Porsche Cayenne Leasing questions


Yes, you can.

We’ve been supplying Porsche Cayenne Lease offers to clients in London for a long time. Morgan Highfield & Land actually have more clients in London & the surrounding areas than anywhere else so we’d love to hear from you.

We’ve been offering Prestige Car Leasing deals on Porsche for 20 years, so rest assured, you can lease a Porsche Cayenne with Personal Contract Hire.

So now you know this might be a perfect time to request a quotation & with all the benefits of leasing a Cayenne let’s see how far your budget can go.

It’s an important consideration. If you decide to lease a Cayenne E-Hybrid then please fully consider the implications of this large, part-electric Porsche SUV.

Off-street parking is probably going to be a must as trailing the charging cable across pavement or walkway isn’t practical or safe. If the intention is to drive the E-Hybrid Cayenne on only electric power alone then with a claimed range of just 26 miles there might not be much margin for error, perhaps for an unplanned journey or last-minute diversion.

Is your decision to lease a Cayenne E-Hybrid based on sound, environmental reasons? It’s certainly true; this Porsche electric motor is a fantastic accomplishment of ‘green’ engineering.

With over 450 bhp when fully charged the E-Hybrid is an enticing proposition but be warned, once the batteries drain of charge you still have to carry their ‘dead weight’ with only the combustion engine to help you reach your destination. Is it the drawback you might not have been expecting?

So, if the appeal of leasing a Cayenne is to enjoy the thrill of a Porsche without complication, E-Hybrid Cayenne might not be right for you this time.

No, unless you want to own it?

Leasing a Cayenne is a smart financial decision if you or business doesn’t want the risks of ownership, hassles of having to sell your Cayenne in the years to come & would prefer a fixed price monthly payment with a simple hand back procedure when the deal comes to an end.

For those clients who’d instead invest their cash into another project or for businesses who need to make better use of their working capital, choosing to lease a Cayenne is a great idea. With a flexible range of initial rentals, agreement terms & annual mileages to choose from there’s sure to be a perfect solution.

The upfront payment you need to put down for a Porsche Cayenne Lease starts from just three rentals in advance. The higher your initial payment, the lower your monthly rental becomes but with a Cayenne on Lease, the total balance repaid always remains the same.

If you or business like the idea of reducing the monthlies, then why not take advantage of increasing the upfront payment to 6, 9 or even 12 rentals in advance.

One thing is for sure; we are happy to help you explore the different options & our expert understanding of Porsche Cayenne leasing will save you time & money.

The Cayenne E-Hybrid is the one you need to lease if Acid Green brake callipers are your thing.

Acid Green callipers are a special characteristic for Porsche Hybrid powered vehicles.

OK, let’s face it financing a Porsche is never going to be ‘low cost’ but opting for a Porsche Cayenne Lease with a single turbo Tiptronic S gearbox is going to offer the lowest monthly leasing cost.

Because a 3.0 V6 petrol engine powers this Cayenne you’ll also be leasing the most fuel-efficient & economical Cayenne in the range. Porsche claim a combined 31 miles to the gallon, so if keeping your monthly expenditure to a minimum is on your mind, and this is the Cayenne Lease for you.

The baseline specification for a Porsche Cayenne compares favourably against other larger, luxury SUV rivals you could lease.

As standard, an entry-level Cayenne Lease comes with sporty design of alloy wheel, partial leather seating, parking sensors, 8-way electric seats & split-folding rear seats.

Porsche’s trusted communication module (PCM) fits neatly into the dashboard & provides the front seat occupants with an intuitive, touch screen infotainment system that also integrates with most smartphones.

One brilliant thing about leasing a Porsche Cayenne, unlike many of its rivals you’ll only be paying for upgrades you want, rather than ones you don’t.

Porsche doesn’t usually bother with ‘option packs’ or endless different variants of pre-specified trim levels so if you forge ahead then personalising the specification how you want it is a real advantage over the competition.


There’s an extensive list of optional equipment available to upgrade your Cayenne Lease. Porsche are well known for their ability to offer up a tantalising array of exterior & interior options, so we’ve picked out a few that most clients frequently request.

Heated front seats, reversing camera & privacy glass are the three most popular upgrades that aren’t particularly expensive on the monthlies.

As an example, a 36-month lease with three rentals in advance & you’d probably be looking at an increase of approximately £25 per month to your deal total.

If alloy wheels are an essential feature then you won’t be disappointed, there’s a wide choice available with Cayenne leasing. Without going crazy, try a brilliant 20” Sports Design or even 21” Exclusive Design rims.

For those of you where the money isn’t an object, it has to be either the 21” RS Spyder or iconic 21” Cayenne Turbo alloy wheels to make your Cayenne Leasing deal rock!

Whatever your requirements, we’d love to hear from you. Like ‘the’ Porsche Lease Experts we have the know-how & years of experience to make sure when you’re ready to move forward we’ll find the perfect Business or Personal Contract Hire solution to meet your needs.

With a list price of over £100,000 leasing, a Porsche Cayenne Turbo is a very specialist, high-value performance SUV that needs careful consideration. To offer you our most competitive pricing we’ll need to know, your annual mileage, preference to initial rental & how long you’d like a Cayenne Turbo Lease to last.

It’s highly likely that you’ve given some careful consideration to the final specification so confirming this, either by telephone or submitting a lease quotation via our website is the easiest way to get things moving.

Upon receipt, we’ll usually reply within a working day offering a competitive Cayenne Turbo Lease quotation tailored to suit your exact requirements. That’s the easiest & most accurate way to confirm how much it is to lease a Porsche Cayenne Turbo.

There’s nothing else out there in the luxury SUV leasing market to compete with Cayenne Turbo Leasing.

With more than 550hp from a twin-turbo V8 engine, Cayenne Turbo has genuine world-class performance that’s only matched by an equally impressive 1,700 litres of luggage compartment capacity with the rear seats folded flat. Accelerating to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds is a remarkable feat for an SUV that weighs 2175 KG but taking on the Sport-Chrono package with your deal sees that number drop to just 3.9 seconds!

We rate Cayenne Turbo so highly because it’s just so good at everything. A good sports car for five that’s high-tech, goes off-road, has classy styling & is a sublime family cruiser.

Yes, you don’t need a finance example to know all this comes at a cost, but if your budget allows, Porsche Cayenne Turbo Lease is one of our all-time favourites & comes highly recommended.

Cayenne S is a more expensive, 160 mph, 440 hp high-performance Cayenne lease.

If you can’t resist the call of the more powerful, twin-turbo V6 petrol engine, then you’ll have to accept an increased list price of £12,000 over the entry-level single turbo engine will be a decision made from the heart, rather than your head or wallet!

Those in the know can spot a Cayenne S by the two double-tube exhaust pipes on either side of the rear bumper; they also sound as good as they look.

The Platinum Edition was a successful, but short-lived run-out model of the previous generation Cayenne available with a diesel engine.

You’ve probably concluded by now that Porsche no longer produces a diesel-powered Cayenne, so let’s start with a quotation for the new V6 petrol to get things moving. When you’ve had the chance to look at the numbers you’ll find the new-generation petrol engines are both fuel-efficient & extremely responsive.

For the specification, many of the Platinum Edition’s selling points are now standard with a new generation Cayenne Lease or have since been superseded by things like LED headlights & Connect Plus coming as standard. One thing is for certain, make sure to tick the box for BOSE sound, larger alloy wheels & metallic paint to keep your Cayenne leasing deal on a par with your existing contract.

In terms of delivery, it’s always good to plan. If you’re with our Morgan Highfield & Land already, that’s fantastic news because we’ll help you manage a smooth change over. If not, then we’d like to hear from you as soon as possible because lead-times for a Cayenne Lease can sometimes take longer than you might initially have expected.

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