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About Porsche Macan Leasing

We love talking about Porsche Macan Leasing because if you have ever driven a Macan, you’ll know how fantastic this medium-sized Porsche handles in a corner. What you might not know is just how affordable leasing a Porsche Macan Lease will be and that its a great alternative to outright purchase or a PCP.

Choosing which is right for you can be tricky. It’s an important decision, and we are here to make sure you or business get the best deal, but it also is the right deal.

After all, Porsche does tend to make their line-up of models and optional extras very complex, and it can be challenging to follow.

We have Porsche Macan leasing know-how, and this helps you and us shortcut a route to find out exactly what you need – and leave behind what you don’t.

We have Porsche Macan leasing know-how, and this helps you and us shortcut a route to find out exactly what you need – and leave behind what you don’t.

We’ll quickly help you follow the intricate differences about each deal – without the pressure of bright showroom lights or a pushy salesperson.

We’ll quickly help you follow the intricate differences about each deal – without the pressure of bright showroom lights or a pushy salesperson. Whether you want to know more about Porsche Contract Hire, a precise specification or trim level, please ask for our help.

Whether you want to know more about Porsche Contract Hire, a precise specification or trim level, please ask for our help.

When it comes to exclusive offers, our latest prices includes a range of high performance, turbocharged petrol engines.

So a favourable decision to lease the Porsche Macan will reward you with a fantastic petrol exhaust note sound and sharp acceleration.

You can also be braver on the exterior or interior colour, as residual values aren’t something you need to worry over. Thus, keeping the monthly cost down, as you’ll only pay for upgrades you need.

We think you will see a different side to financing your new Porsche Macan, and owning it will be a thing of the past.

As for the latest widescreen Porsche Communication Management infotainment system, this comes as standard – with PCM, it’s even easier to stay connected to the outside world and the road.

Whichever way you go if want an agreement that takes away the worry of how much this Porsche will be worth at the end of the contract, includes your annual road tax and no set-up fees – then it just has to be a Porsche Macan lease with Morgan Highfield & Land.

Your Porsche Macan Leasing questions


If you haven’t leased a Macan before we understand why you’d like to know how much you’ll need to put aside for fuel bills.

The latest four-cylinder engine helps Porsche produce more power from a smaller capacity & therefore, fuel efficiency has never been better. With a modest 65-litre fuel tank leasing a Macan shouldn’t ruin your finances & driven sensibly, Porsche claims a very respectable 34 (mpg) combined.

Porsche no longer produces diesel ‘S’ engines so you won’t be able to lease a diesel Macan ‘S’ this time.

Anyhow, many clients would say that’s for the best as the new range of petrol engines are more fuel-efficient & kinder to the environment.

Porsche continues to be at the forefront of advanced sports car engine technology. 245 HP from turbocharged direct fuel injection engine still gets you to the benchmark in under 7 seconds, probably quick enough in a straight line for most clients who’ll lease a Macan.

The list price has increased somewhat, but there’s no doubt new Macan is still going to be a great success.

With bullish residual values, thanks in part to a significant redesign on both rear-end styling & interior dashboard, the latest Macan looks fantastic.

We’d suggest a 36 month Macan Contract Hire package has never been as competitive & if that appeals, then why not increase the upfront payment to reduce those monthly outgoings even more.

Porsche don’t offer Macan with a manual gearbox, so you won’t be able to lease a manual Macan. As an alternative, try the PDK (Porsche Doppelkupplung!) automatic gearbox as it more than makes up for the absence of a manual.

One benefit of the PDK is super quick gearshifts & can change the gears at will, just like a manual from the beautifully engineered steering wheel controls.

There’s no extra charge for the steering shift controls & there’s a great selection of steering wheel upgrades you can specify to personalise your Macan Leasing deal. We recommend the 3-spoke Carbon design, this one inspired by Porsche’s race track knowledge.

Yikes, some of the new Porsche colours are pretty funky. Over the years we’ve supplied some pretty flamboyant specifications of Porsche Macan, so it’s no problem.

Yes, you can lease a Macan in any of the new colours – but please don’t be offended if we re-confirm your request for Mamba Green a few times!

As the’ Porsche Lease Experts, we think you might find it helpful to sound out your Macan Lease specification with us.

The chances are we have other clients already leasing a Macan in a similar colour or configuration to save time. We can also let you know which colourways & options are avoided!

If you decide to take out a Macan on Lease, you’ll be pleased to hear the standard specification comes with some cool features. There’s a new widescreen infotainment system that has an HD-resolution touch screen & standard Porsche alloy wheels look fabulous on the exterior with a mix of sporty Alcantara & leather for the interior.

Front & rear parking sensors are another useful feature that comes at no extra cost alongside the usual raft of Porsche safety & stability management settings.

When it comes to technology, Porsche, have brought the Macan bang up to date thanks to a new online navigation module, updated smartphone integration & Porsche Connect Plus. Connect Plus is a subscription-based service from Porsche keeping you 24/7 connected to the outside world!

It’s all relative, the more miles you cover in your Macan, the more expensive the lease costs are likely to be so clients with a lower annual mileage benefit from an even better monthly rental.

Useful to consider all the options, but you’ll probably still find the significant benefit of leasing a new Macan with a Contract Hire solution will be you don’t have to take on any of the risks of ownership.

On occasion, we might be able to offer further reduction from the Macan Lease monthlies for those clients covering less than 8,000 miles per year. Please make things known when you enquire & let’s do a deal!

The cheapest Macan to lease is the entry-level four-cylinder petrol engine, and you’ll often find this variant in our Leasing & Contract Hire offers section.

Yes, you can & we’d agree the alloy wheel designs do look fantastic. Take the 20” Turbo’s painted in Satin Platinum or the iconic Porsche RS Spyder multi-spokes if you want to spice-up your Macan Lease.

To offer insight, let’s assume you go for a 48 month Lease with six rentals in advance. The price of the 21-Inch Sport Classic Wheels Painted in Satin Platinum is around £3,500. So, that’s approximately £65 per month to add to your entry-level lease costs & that’s how to calculate how much the wheels will cost quickly.

The best thing to do, once you’ve settled on a high Macan specification let us know your configuration. Upon receipt of a quotation request, we’ll get back you with an exact Macan Leasing & Contract Hire price, usually the same day.

The lead-time of approximately 16 weeks is a fair reflection & our pricing is very competitive. Hopefully, you can wait?

If you’re adamant you can’t wait & need a Macan Lease that’s ready to roll, perhaps from stock, then please get in touch. It’s highly likely we’ll be able to find something if you can be flexible on both the specification & the monthlies!

The new generation Macan has an increased standard specification to include three-zone climate control & a new more intuitive cabin layout.

If you’ve leased before & found the standard seats, not to your liking, then we’d undoubtedly recommend upgrading the deal to include the 14-way, electric seats with memory pack.

14-way is one of the best-kept secrets when leasing a Macan. Not only do you get bundles more adjustability from four-way lumbar support (Something it sounds like your last Macan lease didn’t have?) there’s also an electric steering column & a kerb mirror parking aid to help.

The best news, the deal will also include a smooth leather seat finish as part of the 14-way pack all for just a modest increase to monthly rental.

No, not right now. That said, the way things are going we’re pretty confident Porsche will launch at least a PHEV Macan for lease in the near future.

Five years is the longest period you can lease a Macan. Generally speaking, we’d encourage our clients to really consider the ultimate benefit of taking out a Macan Lease for such a long period.

One of the great things about Contract Hire is the ability to change your new Porsche Macan more quickly & five years is a long time. But, if it appeals to you, then we’re happy to help.

As it’s your choice, 5 years will probably produce the lowest possible monthly rental & you might even like the idea of not having to pay another upfront payment quite so often.

For business, leasing a Macan over those longer periods works best when combined with a maintenance package. In addition to all the usual benefits, having the peace of mind to know when the Porsche warranty comes to an end a lender will pick up the tab if there’s a mechanical fault is a smart decision.

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