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Mercedes-Benz Personal & Business Lease Deals

The smart decision to go with a Mercedes-Benz lease ensures the safest way to transport you or your family, with a surprisingly low monthly rental.

Mercedes-Benz Leasing, it’s our most favoured brand, so let the experts tell you why. From their headquarters in Stuttgart, Mercedes-Benz is a pioneer of advanced automotive safety systems and innovative car technology.

Alongside beautiful design, all the latest bells and whistles – leasing a Mercedes-Benz guarantees a high-end experience but without the inconvenience of car ownership. There is a Mercedes-Benz for just about any situation: a compact city car, mini people-carrier, stylish saloon, estate, coupe, cabriolet, small and large SUV, genuine off-roader; to just about everything else in between.

Every Mercedes-Benz has a signature 3-pointed star, German design and hi-quality materials, so we think adding a Mercedes-Benz lease to your short-list is a no brainer. The expert opinion makes a difference, to help find out which deal is perfect for you. Our know-how keeps things on point, competitive and saves both time and money.

Still not sure? Please tell us the type of Mercedes-Benz model you’d prefer, with any specific requirements and we’ll recommend the Mercedes-Benz lease to match your needs. Have you been searching for a selection of high-performance Mercedes-Benz AMG? We have a special offer section dedicated to Mercedes-Benz AMG leasing, and there’s no time like the present, so get started.

No Fees or Charges

No Fees or Charges

Road Tax Included

Road Tax Included

Free Mainland UK Delivery

Free Mainland UK Delivery

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Mercedes-Benz All Electric

Lease from our range of

Mercedes-Benz Hatchback

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Mercedes-Benz Saloon

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About Mercedes-Benz Leasing & Contract Hire

If you or a business want to lease a premium brand vehicle with an affordable monthly rental, a Mercedes-Benz Contract Hire ticks all the boxes. Choosing Mercedes-Benz Contract Hire is a way to protect yourself against vehicle depreciation because you will never own the vehicle.

In more recent years it has become clear there are so many downsides to owning a new car outright, especially if you like to change your vehicle more frequently.

You’ll be pleased to know that Mercedes-Benz Contract Hire agreements are available over two years, and our most extended deal is possible over five years, all with a choice of the initial rental to help manage the monthly repayments without any of the negatives.

Mercedes-Benz Contract Hire helps with business cash flow, and you might want to can take advantage of our low upfront payments.

Customising a Mercedes-Benz Contract Hire deal to your perfect specification is why clients order with us.

We use a deep understanding of Mercedes-Benz and Contract Hire to ensure you get the best deal. When it comes to the price you pay, why not use our helpful tip to calculate the cost – divide the amount of these upgrades by the number of rentals payable.

In this example, £1,000 upgrades added to a three year Mercedes-Benz Contract Hire agreement increases the monthly payment by approximately £26 each month, with just three rentals in advance. Now you can manage your budget and better understand how you can go with Mercedes-Benz Contract Hire and Leasing.

Your Mercedes-Benz Leasing questions

Answered by our experts

If 7-seats are a prerequisite, then a Mercedes-Benz lease like GLB, GLE, GLS or V-Class would be the ones to take a careful look.

We also supply other cars with the 3rd row of seats from the other brands we lease; please get in touch for further information.

The decision to lease a Mercedes-Benz is sound, as you or business will enter an agreement to the hire a technically advanced and trustworthy vehicle.

The deal is the type where, thankfully, ownership is not your problem and the initial rental, just like the monthly rental is lower than you or business might have thought possible.

Another of the essential things you need to know, don’t overestimate on the total contracted mileage. While exceeding the contracted mileage incurs a ‘pence per mile charge’, it’s a more practical solution instead of overpaying on the monthlies for unused miles.

Leasing a Mercedes-Benz is not a waste of money. The financial contract is a smart way to hire a new Mercedes-Benz, with all the benefits associated with car leasing.

That said if the hirer wishes to purchase their Mercedes-Benz or had plans to keep it for longer than 60 months then a different type of agreement could be more suitable.

Our shortest Mercedes-Benz lease is two years.

For enthusiasts of plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) or battery electric (BEV), there is an array of Mercedes-Benz for lease.

Choose a BEV for its eco-friendly credentials, an ever-increasing range and their tax efficiency.

Go with a PHEV if the journeys are dynamic or repeatedly over a longer distance, there aren’t suitable charging facilities in your area and when you prefer the combined comfort of a combustion engine.

Yes, we can provide a Mercedes-Benz lease for five years.

Typically, the lowest monthly rental is achievable if the contract is taken out at 5-years when compared with other the shorter terms available.

We do not charge a broker fee for our services, and thus if you lease a Mercedes-Benz with us, you will not pay a broker fee.

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