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About Mercedes-Benz EQA Leasing

Rather than buying this type of EV try out leasing the EQA – its an all-electric crossover vehicle from Mercedes-Benz combined with a flexible Contract Hire agreement to meet your needs.

Without ownership, you’ll pay an initial rental, followed by monthly rentals for an agreed period making leasing an EQA a popular method of hiring this Mercedes-Benz.

The period of hire depends on your circumstances and what’s perfect for you. Our shortest offer is for 24 months. Typically, if you want a lower monthly repayment and a higher vehicle specification exploring a deal at a four-year or a five-year term makes good financial sense.

With more time to enjoy driving the EQA and often lower monthlies, this situation has many benefits.

For many clients, thoughts of choosing an ‘EV’ are still daunting, and a question like “how long to charge the batteries?” This question is commonplace.

Undoubtedly annual mileage is a consideration but unless journeys are consistently over 200 miles an extensive UK network of charging points is available and growing by the day.

Combine all this with the home-charge facility, OLEV government grants and a low benefit in kind for company car drivers the numbers all point towards a Mercedes-Benz electric vehicle, like the EQA.

The EQC shares its interior cabin with a sibling, so aside from its electric motor and exterior differences, clients familiar with a GLA will feel right at home.

So if a loan, Personal Contract Purchase, fossil fuels or the hassle of car ownership is not what wanted but you or a business needs a compact electric vehicle we recommend an excellent solution: leasing the Mercedes-Benz EQA.

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