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Mercedes-Benz B-Class Leasing

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About Mercedes-Benz B-Class Leasing

Choose a Mercedes-Benz B-Class Lease for spacious interiors and intelligent design, matched with affordable monthly rentals. B-Class has an impressive line-up; more dynamic, more comfortable and safer than ever. Select B-Class SE for comfort and opt for B-Class AMG-Line if you want a sportier drive.

Whichever B-Class Lease is right for you, deluxe levels of equipment ensure the specification is perfect for business and personal leasing.

Take the new wrap-around cabin; sweeping across the dashboard, centre console and then blends into the doors: B-Class is stylish and practical. Folding down the individual rear seats increases the boot capacity to mighty 1,540 litres; even bulky luggage fits with ease.


Perhaps you haven’t considered a B-Class Lease before? With the latest technology and safety devices, now is an excellent time for you to take a closer look.

It’s good to know: with B-Class leasing, Contract Hire agreements over extended periods are usually the cheapest way to lease. If you’d prefer to keep a B-Class Lease for a shorter term that’s also fine, we have things covered.

Do you want a highly versatile and wide-reaching Mercedes-Benz car lease; one that enables families and mini adventurers to do more? If all this sounds like the sort of deal you need and car ownership isn’t necessary: go for a Mercedes-Benz B-Class Lease.

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