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About Land Rover Discovery Sport Leasing

Your decision to go with a Discovery Sport lease is probably because it has much in common with other Land Rover off-road vehicles.

However, the Sporting element sets a Discovery Sport lease apart from its Land Rover siblings – it has a very dynamic drive.

Land Rover Discovery Sport is a medium-sized off-roader, with a functional 5 + 2 seat configuration. But don’t worry, it’s just as at home on city streets and around town – as it is in the countryside.

Choosing a Discovery Sport Lease is perfect for those who need a higher driving position, more cabin space or prefer a chunky but compact car.

We certainly think that’s easier to park in tight spaces or unusual situations than other large off-roaders.

Entry-level leasing prices for the Discovery Sport start with S, then SE, which includes an integrated navigation system. Following on to a luxurious HSE trim level.

To max-out the sporty feel, make sure the Discovery Sport Lease includes R-Dynamic, to add larger wheels and extra body styling.

Land Rover Contract Hire agreements enable you or a business to out a Discovery Sport Lease with affordable monthly rentals and a modest upfront payment.

If you choose to place your order with Morgan Highfield & Land, we’ll also give our informed opinion on which is the best deal, but we won’t ever charge you an administration fee for our service.

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