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About Audi A4 Saloon Leasing

Audi A4 Saloon leasing has been a hit for many years, and it is one of Audi’s most popular cars. This latest incarnation sports a large, wide grille along with slick LED lights. The side profile is fuss-free with sleek styling-lines, so leasing this A4 ensures you’ll be driving a smart-looking car Audi Saloon. At the back and two banks of LED lights are linked by a chrome stripe that looks the part.

There are four primary trim levels to choose from, from Technik to Black Edition, and S Line to Black Edition. The Black Edition sits on larger alloy wheels and has bigger side pod intakes for a more aggressive stance.

As standard, lease the A4 Saloon, and you’ll have the choice of an array of engine options, with three 4-cylinder petrol and multiple 4-cylinder diesel power units on offer. Power from A4 Saloon standard engines ranges from 136bhp right up to over 240bhp. Engines also feature Audi’s mild-hybrid technology, fitted as standard to create a more efficient stop-start and improve throttle response. If you’re looking to lease your A4 Saloon with something even quicker, there’s the S4 with a powerful V6 diesel under the bonnet.

Inside the cockpit, the A4 Saloon is a fabulous place to be, with all of Audi’s latest tech on offer. There’s a stunning 12.3-inch Virtual Cockpit as standard, as well as a massive 10-inch touchscreen display in the centre console. There’s also a right amount of space as well, with generous legroom in the rear, while exterior ambient noise is virtually non-existent.

We think leasing the A4 Saloon is worth your consideration, if you like the idea of a rental agreement without the hassles of traditional car finance. For those enjoy innovation but also trust something recognisable, with exquisite performance and impressive safety features, there is much to love about Audi A4 Leasing.

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