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About Audi A6 Avant Leasing

Leasing your Audi A6 Avant, a perfect choice if you want an estate car to transport lots of people and cargo, with a sumptuous interior and stylish exterior design but without having to purchase it outright. By leasing and not buying the Audi A6 Avant, you take advantage of a fixed monthly rental, low initial outlay and zero depreciation.

There’s no doubt, the A6 Avant benefits from its Audi siblings luxury touch, and blends opulence with a practical side only attainable from a large estate.

As you’d expect, its boot is vast and square shape in design, making it easy to pack. There’s also an impressive 565-litre capacity. For times when you need to transport exceptionally large or bulky items, the folding down its rear seats increased boot space capacity up to 1,680-litres.

Another feature, there’s a tailgate and luggage cover both open automatically. If you want to upgrade your deal, lease the Audi A6 Avant with a gesture tailgate. This upgrade comes with a small sensor under the rear bumper, swipe your foot close by, and its boot opens – a lifesaver if you’ve got your hands full.

As you would expect a choice of petrol or diesel engines are available, with four and six-cylinder options. We have high praise for its 282 bhp 3.0-litre diesel, one of the smoothest diesel engines available.

Effortlessly quick and smooth, this powerful diesel is ideal for long journeys. If fuel economy is your main priority, chose the A6 Avant with a 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel is going to make the most sense, with impressive miles per gallon rating.

Audi A6 Avant leasing enables you to change for a new car more often. As Audi’s engine technology keeps progressing, it’s good to know your A6 Avant lease has the latest mild-hybrid engine technology.

Whichever engine is right for you, its powertrain continues to regenerate energy under deceleration, fed back into a lithium battery. All this stored power is redeployed when needed, for short bursts of acceleration.

So whether you’re running around town, commuting or looking to whisk you and your passengers away on a weekend trip away with a boot full of luggage, leasing the A6 Avant is a perfect choice just without a hassle of car ownership.

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