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About BMW 7 Series Leasing

Lighter & more precise than ever before thanks to a revolutionary ‘Carbon Core’ chassis composition, 7 Series retains the crown as ‘the’ ultimate driving machine from BMW. Unquestionably more than just a status symbol, a BMW 7 Series Lease would be perfect for clients who need a large saloon packed with groundbreaking technology, one that also offers a window into the future of premium car design.

With a choice of two wheelbase versions, we’d usually suggest personal customers go for the short, but you might still consider the alternative longer length if more legroom & rear working space are essential features or ‘nice to haves’.

If Hybrid drive is also on your mind you’ll be pleased to know  BMW 7 Series leasing prices are available with optional ‘i-performance’, a range of powerful part-electric & twin-turbo petrol engines. Leasing a hybrid drive BMW 7 Series is sure to be popular with business users and company car drivers, because of it’s tax-efficiency.

Like most luxury saloons, 7 Series do depreciate in value at an alarming rate, that’s why leasing with a BMW Contract Hire solution is such a great idea because you won’t need to think about those future resale values. Assuming all is as it should be, simply return your ultimate driving machine when the deal ends.

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