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About BMW X2 Leasing

If you proceed with an X2 Lease offer you will be driving BMW’s first ever Sports Activity Coupe. Your lease will be for an agreed period, without ever actually owning the BMW X2. Lease with Contract Hire, and leave behind all the hassles of  depreciation & what the X2 could have be worth in years to come. Thus, all you have to do is enjoy the ride until the contract hire ends.

If the costs of routine servicing & replacement tyres still weigh on your mind, then why not include a maintenance package with your X2 Lease, it’s a quick & easy solution to help you or your business budget for routine motoring expenses with a fixed monthly cost & extra peace of mind.

Looking the part with an athletic outline and muscular silhouette, X2 architecture is quite different from any other BMW model for lease. The design is more coupe than SUV, but you’ll be pleased to hear there’s still the rock-solid practicalities of both 5-seats & 5-doors after all your X2 still needs to be functional for those day-to-days.

Head-Up Display is another welcome addition to the list of exciting optional upgrades for a new X2 Lease. With a full-colour output ‘HUD’ is a hit with tech-savvy clients who’d like to ‘spec-up’ the lease, making their own customised BMW X2 specification.

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