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About BMW X7 Leasing

Lavish, high value & the largest SUV in the line-up, BMW X7 Lease is for those who want the best of everything. The number seven has been synonymous with BMW Luxury, power & presence for many years, but never with an off-road capability & the 3rd row of seats, that’s of course until now.

Leasing the BMW X7 is straightforward, so is unleashing performance. When when you consider, even before stepping inside, this leviathan weighs just under 2.5 tonnes – but of course this is another Ultimate Driving Machine from BMW, & it’s what they do best.

On the inside, you’ll find beautifully stitched & quilted, soft Merino leather seats at no extra charge although if you want the hot Bower & Wilkins sound system, this is something to ‘spec-up’ on your X7 Lease.

This assumes, of course, you like the idea of groovy tunes pumping from a 1500w, 20 speakers surround sound disco experience! When all said & done, leasing the BMW X7  is going to be a smart move because with Contract Hire,  depreciation & resale values become someone else’s problem. Such an important factor when you consider all the numbers involved with the range-topping X7 are mighty big!

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