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About Jaguar F-Type Coupe Leasing

Pound for Pound, the F Type Coupe Lease is a compelling solution for clients who want both a low-drag Sports Car and one that roars like a Jaguar.

Because there’s a fantastic range of optional alloy wheel designs, configuring a Jaguar F-Type Coupe Lease with R-Dynamic trim level is simply a joy.

It’s painted black 20″ split-spoke alloy wheels and black exterior trim parts are a thing of beauty when paired with Corris Grey or Yulong White metallic paint.


Choosing your F-Type Coupe with a 4-cylinder engine will probably offer the lowest monthly leasing price, but if you are flexible with costs are flexible, then request a quotation for the 3.0 V6 Supercharged’ S’.

This more powerful engine has close to 400 bhp – 0-60 mph in less than 5 seconds, and that’s quick.

It’s probably true that the Jaguar F Type Coupe leasing will be an emotional transaction.

If you haven’t leased a car before, but don’t worry, we are experts in offering clients unique Jaguar hints & tips to help you make an informed decision about which specification or deals are just spot-on.

Your Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe Leasing questions


Yes, you can.

When all the benefits of leasing F-Type Coupe make sense but you’d still prefer a 4-cylinder engine then go for 2.0L i4 300 PS petrol.

Just because this Jaguar F-Type Coupe Lease has 4-cylinders doesn’t mean it’s not a quick ride. When the opportunity arises sprint to the benchmark in well under 6 seconds, that’s impressive.

There’s an Active Sports Exhaust to make sure there’s plenty of audible theatres, a gorgeous thumping & popping sound that comes naturally from this 4-potter.

With a choice more powerful F-Type Coupe Leasing deals available it might make sense to consider requesting several quotations to see how far your budget goes.

Upgrading your F-Type Coupe Lease to a 340 PS V6 gets you more power but only marginal gains when it comes to hard acceleration. Stepping up to the 380 PS V6 is when performance numbers start to tumble but also the monthlies start to rise.

If a sub-five second 0-60 time is essential to you, then going with a supercharged 380 PS F-Type Coupe Lease will certainly tick all the boxes.

Make your F-Type Coupe Lease more suitable for 365 days a year with a favourable decision to go with AWD, an all-wheel-drive package from Jaguar. Lease an F Type with AWD & you’ll be getting traction from all four wheels, just when you need it most.

There’s no longer a reason to be afraid of cold wintery mornings or wet roundabouts, and both can now be enjoyed by clients who want to lease a Jaguar Coupe without a white-knuckle ride!

So, you’ve always loved F-Type Coupe it’s just the prospect of two-wheel drive that had been holding you back. Now you know what makes an F-Type Coupe Lease with AWD different would this be the moment to make your move? We’re ready when you are!

Every F-Type Coupe Lease comes with at least the Jaguar Active Sports Exhaust. The system works by allowing the exhaust valves to open depending upon on throttle position or engine revs.

When the valves are open more exhaust gases take a less restrictive route via the silencer, this results in a louder, deeper & even more intoxicating Jaguar exhaust sound.

Leasing an F-Type Coupe with Personal Contract Hire is an excellent idea for an individual who wants a fixed price monthly rental, no resale worries & like the idea of driving a new car every few years.

It’s entirely possible with an F-Type Coupe Lease your anticipated annual mileage will be much less than usual after all this might even be just a sports car for the weekend?

Thankfully we offer a wide variety of annual mileages, sometimes as low as 5,000 miles per year. In return, we’ll fine-tune your deal for the very lowest F-Type Coupe Personal Contract Hire price.

You can lease from a choice of 2.0 litre 4-pot or 3.0-litre V6 engines if you want your F-Type Coupe deal with an R-Dynamic pack.

Upgrading your F-Type Coupe leasing deal to include R-Dynamic bags 19 Inch wheels on the 300 BHP & 340 BHP variants. Push the boat out for a 380 BHP version of the supercharged V6 & you’ll be leasing an F-Type Coupe with a seriously cool 20 Inch rims as standard.

It’s worth saying a Design Pack in gloss black, LED headlights & nifty delta aluminium dashboard inlays are also bundled in as part of an R-Dynamic upgrade.

When it comes to the drive, as the name suggests things are that bit more energetic! It’s not that a regular F-Type Coupe isn’t great fun to drive, let’s not forget this is Jaguar Sports Coupe.

Your R-Dynamic, F-Type Coupe Lease benefits from a switchable exhaust, limited differential for less wheel spin & a very advanced adaptive suspension setup that increases cornering speeds.

Business users or private individuals who prefer a more comforting ride & want a more laid back experience should avoid upgrading their F-Type Coupe Lease to include an R-Dynamic pack or at least make sure of a test drive before you do.

If you like the sound of painted black wheels, red brake callipers, red seat belts, extended body styling & Windsor leather seats then leasing an F-Type Coupe Chequered Flag Edition could be the one for you.

With low initial payments, from just 3-rentals in advance giving yourself the chance to lease the exciting F-Type Coupe Chequered Flag Edition is probably a more affordable solution than you might have thought possible.

If you want the tailgate spoiler, we can tell you approximately how much extra per month. Let’s assume you take out a 48-month lease, with three rentals in advance. The cost of the fixed tailgate spoiler is around £265, so that’s an increase of just £6 per month to your F Type Coupe leasing deal.

Perhaps you’d prefer to lease your F Type Coupe with fixed tailgate spoiler over a shorter, 36 months? If that works better for you, then it’s slightly more expensive at additional £7 per month. Either way, this probably seems a good deal if you want the go-faster look!

Colour is most certainly a personal choice but if you’ve narrowed down your search & an F-Type Coupe Lease looks likely, we’d recommend Eiger Grey or Santorini Black metallic paint.

For something ‘out there’ try Caldera Red (maybe you’ve seen this colour in the Jaguar F Type Coupe brochure?) or for a more traditional Jaguar Sports Car lease colourway, British Racing Green is always a winner.

If a blue is more your thing, how about Ultra blue (electric Blue) or Portofino blue (dark, navy blue similar to Loire Blue that might even be the colour of your current Jaguar Lease)?

Playing it safer? Then go for Indus Silver (a bright silver metallic), Yulong White or even Carpathian Grey (this one’s a premium metallic, generally double the monthly price of leasing a standard metallic colour) if a darker colour works for you.

We’d give the 380 PS R Dynamic AWD F-Type Coupe Lease five out of five stars because it’s the best all-rounder. Many believe that the Jaguar F-Type Coupe is one of the most attractive Jaguars ever designed & we’d undoubtedly agree but F-Type Coupe Lease 380 PS R-Dynamic AWD has the edge for us.

A combination of 4-wheel drive & the delightful supercharged V6 ‘S’ you’ll be leasing a Jaguar F-Type Coupe with incredible handling & blistering performance.

With a boot space of over 400 litres, there’s enough space for a reasonable amount of luggage, indeed something for the weekend. There aren’t many dependable 2-seater sports cars you can lease boasting such credentials with an exhaust soundtrack-like something from the gods.

It doesn’t matter if you leaned towards a Business or Personal Contract Hire deal you’ll never get tired of putting your foot down. When all said & done, 380 PS R Dynamic AWD F-Type Coupe Lease is a standout deal for clients who desire a beautifully styled Jaguar Coupe that can be driven every day of the week.

Perhaps you’ve leased an F-Type Coupe before & fancied something faster this time? Maybe the sound of a V8 engine proves irresistible? Whatever your reason going for F-Type Coupe R Lease is an exceptional experience. The 5.0-litre V8 engines thump out over 550 PS & blast its way to the benchmark in under 4 seconds.

Leasing an F-Type Coupe R is about more than just speed with a fantastic specification that comes as part of the deal. Keyless Entry, 12-way electric seats, oversized brake callipers & Meridian sound elevate an ‘R’ onto another level. Factor in the AWD to keep your special F-Type Coupe R pointing in the right direction & you’ve chosen one of the most breath-taking Jaguar sports cars on a lease.

SVR is the ultimate high-performance F-Type Coupe Lease.

200 mph top speed, carbon fibre rear wing, redesigned aerodynamics help dash to 60 mph possible in just 3.5 seconds. SVR is the F-Type Coupe Lease for clients who want the best of everything. So, choose an SVR for the swiftest, most advanced & costly F Type Coupe Lease currently available.

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