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About Jaguar I-PACE Leasing

The first pure battery-electric car lease from Jaguar, choose an I-Pace Lease. Even with zero emissions and electrified range of over 300 miles; near-perfect weight distribution ensures a sporty feel.

So, if you lease the Jaguar I-Pace: it’s a performance SUV that drives like a Jaguar without the ownership woes of depreciation. Quick off the mark too, no gearshifts or delay; I-Pace accelerates to 60 mph in under 5 seconds. There’s also over 690 nm of torque available whenever you need it.

A smart 90KW battery provides the I-Pace with sustainable electric power and a low centre of gravity. All-wheel-drivetrain helps with dynamic handling and traction. If you want to lease a performance electric car with all the practicalities of 5-seats; Jaguar I-Pace is a contender for close examination.

As you’d expect for a Jaguar I-Pace Lease, Personal Contract Hire pricing fluctuates between each model; but your lease price includes the generous OLEV grant.

The cheapest I-Pace leasing deal is an entry-level, S – but it’s a little basic. SE and HSE trim levels are obtainable, perfect if you are looking for more refinement and superior levels of comfort; at an affordable monthly cost.

We think you’ll love leasing the I-Pace SE: leather powered tailgate, drive pack and stunning alloy wheels; a luxury that’s part of the deal. Are you contemplating business leasing or an I-Pace for a company car?

We encourage you to think about the prospect of an electrified Jaguar I-Pace Lease, in proportion; it won’t be the right decision for everyone. Limitations: you can’t add fuel when the charge runs out, and home 7KW wall box re-energising takes approaching 10 hours; compared with the benefits: lower rates of tax and eco-friendly credentials.

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