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About Jaguar XF Saloon Leasing

Go with a Jaguar XF Saloon leasing if you want to combine stunning looks and British Craftsmanship with a modern and spacious interior.

Although at the end of your Jaguar Contract Hire agreement, there’s no obligation to take out another deal most clients usually do because leasing the XF Saloon makes total sense.

Fixed monthly rentals, stacks of choice on annual mileage and peace of mind motoring ticks all the boxes and Contract Hire is the most cost-effective way to lease the Jaguar XF Saloon – when ownership isn’t required.

Generally, pick Prestige trim level for our lowest monthly pricing or Portfolio if a budget is less critical, but R-Sport is the most popular XF Saloon lease for an all-round value deal.

R-Sport doesn’t go any faster, they look like they do, with a classy mix of Sports body-styling and a firmer ride they appeal to a new breed of Jaguar driver.

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