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Audi A6 Saloon Leasing

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About Audi A6 Saloon Leasing

Choosing which German saloon car is perfect for you is not always straight forward as once rock-solid resale values aren’t what they used to be, and this uncertainty about Audi’s used car prices is a concern for many would-be buyers.

So, if you decide on this understated but premium executive German saloon car then lease the Audi A6 Saloon – don’t buy it.

As you don’t want the ownership hassle and prefer to pay fixed, affordable monthly rental then A6 Saloon Leasing is smart financial sense.

It is nicely proportioned too and includes plenty of high-tech features from Audi’s other flagship models. One of these neat features is all-wheel steering.

This advanced steering system makes it feel agile and a joy to drive because all 4-wheels pointing in an identical direction, also handy if negotiating tight turns around town.

Another advantage, it’s impressive fuel economy and mild-hybrid system.

This mild-hybrid energy recover system encourages smart fuel-saving techniques, like engine-off coasting at speeds of up to 99mph.

If you need to accelerate, your engine starts instantly, and there’s always power on demand. Try it for yourself, and we think you’ll be impressed by how smooth a transition takes place each time you lift off the accelerator.

As with most modern Audi saloon cars a high level of equipment and a distinctive front grille is standard.

Popular enhancements that give A6 Saloon leasing a premium feel. Electric front seats, LED headlights, leather seat trim, dual-zone climate control and beautiful ambient interior lighting – all as part of the contract.

In any trim level, its cabin is comfortable and pleasant; there’s also an excellent driving position.

From our experience, soft and supple seating is forgiving on aches and pains, especially after long business commutes or extended journeys.

In summary, this would be a great choice if you need this Audi’s incredibly spacious interior, plenty of legroom for two tall adults and huge 530-litre capacity load area.

Most importantly, because you’ll be leasing the A6 Saloon – forget about the hassle of ownership. Thus enjoy its flexibility and a new car feeling every few years, with zero depreciation worries.

Your contract of hire includes road tax, free of charge delivery, and we won’t ever charge you an administration fee – all part of our five-star service.

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