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About BMW X1 Leasing

If you are leaning towards a smaller ‘cross-over’ type of SUV, search no further than a BMW X1 Lease. There’s certainly a premium feel about the interior cabin & despite the compact proportions ample legroom for most shapes and sizes of rear passenger thanks to adjustable back-seat configuration.

Latest generation X1 has the highest ride height to date, very handy for seeing over taller walls or leggy hedgerows. Loading the decent-sized boot is easier than ever before. Drivers who don’t need a 4×4 drivetrain could consider the X1 Lease with rear-wheel, sDrive.

Opting for sDrive comes with added benefits of improved efficiency, mostly thanks to one of BMW’s Eco-Pro fuel-saving settings & sportier, road-biased driving experience.

Leasing a BMW X1 in xLine specification is undoubtedly a popular choice for Business Users due to a fresh design of alloy wheel.

Leather upholstery fitted as standard, plus the very latest LED lights are guaranteed to impress.

When it comes to personal leasing, if colourful exterior design is high on a list of priorities then go for M Sport specification with an optional 19” wheel upgrade, this completes the ‘full-on’ look.

So, if you’ve made up your mind and you don’t want the hassle of selling a car at the end of the contract, then a BMW X1 Lease could be a great solution.

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